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CAUBO Quality and Productivity Awards

CAUBO 2013-2014

The following information is extracted from the CAUBO web site.


The Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) promotes the professional and effective delivery of services and administration of resources in all facets of higher education. This annual awards program is designed to recognize, reward and share achievements of administrators in the introduction of new services, improvement in the quality of services provided, and the management of human, financial, and physical resources. Initiatives from across universities and colleges, including academic initiatives, are welcome and will be considered on the grounds of increased quality, productivity and effectiveness. Increased quality of instruction alone will not be considered, since it is beyond the scope of the CAUBO mandate, and other venues exist for its recognition.


The Awards will be split into two main categories: Open and Themed. The theme selected by the Q&P Awards Selection Committee is: “Achieving and Demonstrating Operational Effectiveness within Higher Education Administration.”  This may include, but is certainly not limited to successful initiatives around shared services, collaborative actions, administrative process changes, benchmarking, and all other initiatives that have resulted in increased operational effectiveness at all levels and in all sectors of your organization. 

The Open category will consider submissions that fall under any other topic.

Three national prizes will be awarded in each category, and each of these prizes will carry a cash award - $2500 for first prize, $1500 for second prize, and $1000 for third prize. There will be opportunities for Honourable Mentions in both categories, but no cash prize will be attached to these awards, as with the current program.

Also please note that there will no longer be a regional component to the awards, as CAUBO seeks to honour the best and brightest initiatives from across Canada.

Application forms are available through the CAUBO web site.

Please send your completed application forms to Lydia Martone, Senior Liaison Officer, Office of the Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance, by lydia [dot] martone [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email) or internal mail: James Administration Building, Room 533. Applications for the review and approval of the Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance, must be received by January 20, 2014. Selected submissions will be directly sent to CAUBO.


The Selection Committee reserves the right not to give an award if not warranted in its judgment.

Awards winners are announced in May and prizes and plaques are presented by the sponsors at the Annual CAUBO Conference in June.

Initiatives may be resubmitted by an institution provided they contain additional qualitative and quantitative results.