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Design and Manufacturing

Several research groups and laboratories at McGill University focus on Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Process Management.

In Mechanical Design, the prime objective is to develop integrated design methods that encompass computational synthesis, multi-scale analysis, selection strategies, and search for particular applications and industrial sectors. Our research topics range from Optimum Design Methodology to Biomimetic Design. The former involves multi-objective and multidisciplinary optimization. As for the latter, it is applied to structures and hybrid materials (i.e. cellular solids and composite materials), and biomedical devices (i.e. stents and heart valves, and robotic mechanical systems and their mechanical components.)

In Manufacturing and Process Management, research interests focus on various manufacturing processes that occur at the large and micro-scale. These include comminution processes, high speed grinding, laser assisted machining, metal coating, and micro-machining. Current research projects moreover analyze the effects of wear, fretting and abrasion, as well as other thermoelastic and dynamic phenomena. Our research focus further includes the improvement of productivity and cycle time for manufacturing activities with special emphasis on production planning, concurrent engineering, design with remote partners, change management.

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