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Law institutes, centres and working groups

Research institutes

The Faculty of Law has two affiliated research institutes

Research centres

The Faculty of Law also supports several semi-independent research centres

Working groups

  • Research Group on Health and Law - The group's research projects addresses such interdisciplinary issues as biotechnology and health, clinical research, ethics and law of healthcare, governance, medical liability and public health.
  • Labour Law and Development Research Laboratory (LLDRL) - The group studies the links between labour law, development and the social contradictions of gender, race and ethnicity.
  • Sustainable Development - The group examines the relationships between environmental issues and the law, focusing on themes such as public policy and private resources, trade, the environment and human rights, and the internationalization of law.
  • Language and Law - Established in 2006, the Group aims to promote research and teaching linkages in this area with the relevant disciplines of Arts.
  • Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas - IPLAI is dedicated to advancing humanities-based teaching and research in innovative and interdisciplinary ways.
  • Rule of Law and Economic Development - The central work of this working group has been an inquiry into rule of law and economic development in the transition economies.

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