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BOOK: "Landmark Cases in Public Law" Satvinder Juss and Maurice Sunkin (eds.)

Satvinder Juss and Maurice Sunkin (eds.), Landmark Cases in Public Law 
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Landmark Cases in Public Law answers the need for an historical examination of the leading cases in this field, an examination which is largely absent from the standard textbooks and journal articles of the day. Adopting a contextualised historical approach, this collection of essays by leading specialists in the field provides both an explanation of the importance and impact of the chosen decisions, as well as doctrinal analysis. This approach enables each author to throw light on the driving forces behind the judicial outcomes, and shows how the final reasoning of the court was ultimately as much dependent upon such human factors as the attitudes, conduct, and personalities of the parties, their witnesses, their counsel, and the judges, as the drive to seek legal realignment with the political developments that were widely perceived to be taking place. In this way, this form of analysis provides an exposition of the true stories behind these landmark cases in public law.
Table of Contents
1. Entick v Carrington [1765]: Revisited All the King's Horses Richard Gordon2. Ridge v Baldwin [1964]: 'Nuff Said' SH Bailey3. Padfield v Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food [1968]: Judges and Parliamentary Democracy Maurice Sunkin4. Anisminic Ltd v Foreign Compensation Commission [1968]: In Perspective David Feldman5. Council of Civil Service Unions v Minister for the Civil Service [1984]: Reviewing the Prerogative Richard Drabble6. The Factortame Litigation: Sovereignty in Question John MCEldowney7. M v The Home Office [1992]: Ministers and Injunctions Christopher Forsyth8. A v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2005]: The Belmarsh Case Richard Clayton9. R v North and East Devon Health Authority [2001]: Coughlan and the Development of Public Law Kirsty Hughes10. R (Jackson) v Attorney-General [2005]: Reviewing Legislation Elizabeth Wicks11. Bancoult and the Royal Prerogative in Colonial Constitutional Law Satvinder S Juss12. AXA General Insurance Ltd v HM Advocate and Others [2012]: The Nature of Devolved Legislation and the Role of the Courts The Honourable Mr Justice Lewis13. Evans v Attorney General [2015]: The Underlying Normativity of Constitutional Disagreement Thomas FaircloughEpilogue: Miller, the Legislature and the Executive Paul Craig
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5th ANNUAL CONFERENCE  July 10 to 12, 2017
5e CONGRÈS ANNUEL10 au 12 juillet 2017
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 Law & Food:La cuisine juridique
An International, Interdisciplinary Conference on Comparative LawColloque international et interdisciplinaire de droit comparé
Co-sponsored byEM Lyon, Faculté de droit de l’Université Jean Moulin – Lyon 3Institut de droit comparé Édouard Lambert
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Le droit talmudique saisi par le droit comparé

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Le droit talmudique saisi par le droit comparéColloqueUniversité de Lorraine, Nancy, 22 et 23 novembre 2017Accès à l'appel à communication

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JOURNAL: The Journal of Legal History XXXVIII (2017), No. 2

(image source: University of Glasgow)
The Journal of Legal History (Routledge) published its second issue of the 2017 volume (XXXVIII).
"Writing Histories of Law and Emotion" (Merridee L. Bailey & Kimberley-Joy Knight)
"Emotions in the Early Common Law (c. 1166-1215)" (John Hudson)
"Narratives of Feeling and Majesty: Mediated Emotions in the Eighteenth-Century Criminal Courtroom" (Amy Milka & David Lemmings)
"‘She Felt Strongly the Injury to Her Affections’: Breach of Promise of Marriage and the Medicalization of Heartbreak in Early Twentieth-Century Australia" (Alecia Simmonds)
"Narrative, Law and Emotion: Husband Killers in Early Nineteenth-Century Ireland" (Katie Barclay)
Book ReviewsMore information here.
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JOURNAL: Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis/Revue d'histoire du droit/The Legal History Review LXXXV (2017), Isssue 1-2

(image source: Brill)
The Legal History Review (Brill) published the first issue (1-2) of its 85th volume (2017).
Table of contents:
Strafrechtlicher Schutz von Sklaven gegen Willkür ihrer Herren
 (Detlev Liebs)
Twee Antwerpse volksvertegenwoordigers op de beklaagdenbank
 (Jos Monballyu)
The edition of the Twelve Tables in Roman Statutes (Boudewijn Sirks)
Una compraventa poética, Horacio, Epistola 2.2
 (Consuelo Carrasco García)
Das pactum ut minus solvatur und die maior pars im klassischen Recht
 (Thomas Finkenauer)
Die Ratio des Schenkungsverbotes unter Ehegatten
 (Jakob Fortunat Stagl)
Ἀποκρίματα und die Kaiserkonstitutionen
 (Anna Plisecka)
Die laesio enormis und der dolus re ipsa heute: die Verschuldensfrage
 (A.M. Grebeniow)
Loans and Credit in the Canon Law Consilia of Wamesius (1524-1590) (Wouter Druwé)
« J’ai été longtemps minoritaire » (Vincent Genin)
Gierkes Protest gegen das BGB (Pierre Friedrich)
Book Reviews
Im Memoriam Josephus Petrus Antonius Coopmans, 1925-2016 (P.L. Nève)All articles can be accessed on Booksandjournalsonline.
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