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Desautels alumnus named director at Sama Graphite Inc.

Desautels alumnus Yves Grou (BCom’77, DPA’78) has been appointed to Sama Graphite Inc’s Board of Directors, effective June 14, 2017. Mr. Grou has pertinent experience, which makes him a good fit for the position: he is on the boards of several companies that operate in the energy and natural resources sectors.

Published: 28 Jun 2017

Desautels alumnus Peter Cundhill was a Canadian Warren Buffett

According to an op-ed in The Chronicle Journal, Desautels alumnus Peter Cundill (BCom’60) was an investor’s investor. He was inspired by Benjamin Graham’s investment philosophy, and used it to become extremely successful....

Published: 28 Jun 2017

International consulting firm names Desautels alumnus as senior VP

Desautels alumnus Fadi Kassatly (BCom'95) has been promoted to senior VP for the Middle East and North Africa area of management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. He brings two decades’ worth of experience to the role, having worked previously as principal and VP at Booz, and as a management consultant at Deloitte. He also mentors B-School students and young entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

Published: 21 Jun 2017

Two Desautels alumni among 2017 inductees in McGill Sports Hall of Fame

The 2017 inductees into the McGill Sports Hall of Fame have been announced. Since the Hall’s inauguration in 1996, there have been 139 inductees named; this year’s slate of six includes two Desautels alumni.

Published: 20 Jun 2017

The future of retail, according to a Desautels alumna

Jaclyn Ling (BCom’14) writes for that the future of retail looks entirely different, and you can glance at what’s happening in the chatbot space to see where we’re headed. She points to chat apps with added payment functionality, as well as the development of brand-specific shopping chatbots, for proof that the future of shopping is mobile.

Published: 15 Jun 2017

For recession-wary restaurateurs, specialised customer service is the key

In a recent piece for Food NewsFeed, Desautels alumnus Josh Ostrega (BCom'98) says that today’s slumping full-service restaurant scene needs to get its groove back. Pressured on one side by fast-casual eateries and on the other by home-delivery apps, the traditional sit-down restaurant is in an uncertain place.

Published: 13 Jun 2017

Desautels alumna is new Concordia controller

The former senior project director for Finance and Administration at the McGill Faculty of Medicine, Gracie Pardillo (BCom'89, DPA'91) is the new controller at Concordia University, replacing outgoing interim controller Lyne Bouret as of August 7. She comes to the job with almost 30 years’ experience in management, including over a decade in post-secondary education. She is a chartered professional accountant and certified as a fraud examiner and internal auditor.

Published: 13 Jun 2017

How employers must change to suit Generation Z

In a recent piece for Retail TouchPoints, WorkJam’s Joshua Ostrega (BCom’98) discusses the difference between millennials and Generation Z, and how employers should be prepared to mould their management style to suit this important and emerging workforce.

Published: 8 Jun 2017

How to keep showrooming from killing your business

Salesfloor CEO and Desautels alumnus Oscar Sachs (BA’96, MBA’99) knows his stuff when it comes to showrooming and the retail overhaul. His company specializes in helping retailers transition into a new paradigm that merges e-commerce with a personalized on-site shopping experience.

Published: 8 Jun 2017

Introducing our newest Global Experts

The Desautels Faculty of Management welcomes Darshan Jain (MBA’88) and Harsha Rajamani (BCom’06) as its latest Desautels Global Experts.

Published: 7 Jun 2017

Liberty Leaf names Desautels alumnus as CFO

Jamie Robinson (BCom'03) is in as the new CFO of Liberty Leaf Holdings, and is replacing outgoing CFO and Director P. Joseph Meagher.

Mr. Robinson is a chartered accountant with experience in auditing and financial analysis at Deloitte, Whistler Blackcomb, and Corinex Communications. He is joining a company that supports the cannabis sector on several fronts, including growing, research and supply-chain solutions.

Published: 5 Jun 2017

Medical marijuana company moves closer to TSX listing

Cannabis company INDIVA Corporation is actively navigating the process of becoming licensed to cultivate medical marijuana. As part of its business activities, the company has entered into a reverse-takeover deal with Rainmaker Resources Ltd., which includes equity funding of $15 million that is partly earmarked for helping INDIVA expand its production facilities.

Published: 5 Jun 2017

Desautels alumnus appointed Managing Partner at major law firm

Philippe Johnson (BCom'92) is a newly-minted Managing Partner at the Montreal offices of Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg. But he could easily have gone down the business route.

In fact, he did: A love of finance first landed him at Desautels as an undergraduate, then moving on to work for HSBC in Vancouver.

So how did that turn into a law degree and a high-profile job at a key Canadian business law firm?

Published: 2 Jun 2017

Desautels student wins world championship in debating

A two-person team from Quebec has brought home first place at the annual Championnat de débat francophone at the École Normale Superieure in Paris.

One of the team members is Desautels student Djavan Habel-Thurton (BCom'17), who was VP of the First Year Council 2014-2015, as well as President of the Jeux du Commerce McGill in 2016.

Published: 1 Jun 2017

After a varied career, an EMBA alumna sets her sights on investment advising

Marie-Lou Dorval (EMBA’15) has done almost everything: She’s been a filmmaker, she’s been the president of an agricultural business, and she’s run a restaurant.

Since graduating from the McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA program, Ms. Dorval has changed her course completely, becoming an investment advisor at Raymond James Ltd — and it’s a job she doesn’t see herself leaving any time soon!

Published: 30 May 2017