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Job Search Websites

While job listing databases and search engines are only a component of the job search process, they are nonetheless an excellent place to begin looking for job opportunities.

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myFuture - CaPS job and internship search tool.
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Online career databases and job newspapers available only to McGill students/alumni.

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Placement Agencies: ACSESS - Canada | NAPS - USA | ASA - USA & Canada | More agencies

Job Matching Websites: Workhoppers

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Links to internal and external career fairs.

Common Job Scams

Office Assistant / Mystery Shopper

The "employer" sends a list of tasks to help the student fulfill his/her personal assistance or mystery shopping tasks. The student is then told that one of the assignments is to evaluate a money transfer service, like Western Union. The student receives a cheque with instructions to deposit it in a personal bank account, withdraw the amount in cash, and wire it to a name provided. The student will find out later that the cheque is counterfeit, thus making him/her accountable to pay for the funds he/she wired. For more information:
- Mystery Shopper Scams (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)

Guaranteed Employment

>The "employer" asks the student, in order to secure his/her position, he or she must go through a course to be qualified. The student is asked to pay a fee for the course and its materials, and sign a registration form during the job interview. The student will find out later that the employer never sends out any material to him/her, and will not refund the money nor providing a copy of the contract. For more information:
- The Little Black Book of Scams (Competition Bureau Canada)
- Job Placement Services (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)

Work Overseas

The "employer" promises a job in a foreign country and the student is invited for an interview in a hotel suite or rented office. The student is then told that he/she must pay a fee for visas or paperwork up front. In some cases, the employer asks the student to send money for an "information package" to secure the promised foreign job. Later on, when the student receives the package, it only contains a list of company names. For more information:
- Employment Scams (Consumer Protection Ontario)
- Avoiding Overseas Job Scams (Danger Zone Jobs)

Employment Agency

The "employment agency" contacts the student who may have posted his/her resumes online or with a job search engine. The agency then invites the student for an interview and promises an employment with good salary. The student is pressured to sign a contract and pay an administration fee or a fee that the student will be refunded later when he/she is hired. Later on, the student never hears back from the agency or he/she will be given a list of referral companies that have never heard of the agency before. For more information:
- Employment Scams (Consumer Protection Ontario)
- Job Placement Services (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)

Bogus Business Opportunities

The “company” advises specialized business opportunities such as Janitorial Service Franchise with phrases like "no experience required" or "experts available to coach you". The company promises the student contracts in exchange for an "investment" fee of several thousand dollars which will make the student a "sub-contractor" or "partner". The company then assures the student that the investment fee will be refunded after a specific timeframe. Later on, the student will learn that the company never delivers what has been promised. Other similar scams include: Starting an Internet business, multilevel marketing, or buying a franchise. For more information:
- Employment Scams (Consumer Protection Ontario)
- Going into Business (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)

Work-at-Home Business

The "employer" asks the student for a small fee to learn how to earn lots of money by stuffing envelopes at home. After sending the payment, the student finds out that the promoter never had any work to offer. The employer then asks the student to tell and ask his/her relatives and friends to buy the same envelop-stuffing "opportunity". The only way the student can make money is if other people respond the same way as he/she did. Other similar scams include: Assembly or craft work, rebate processing, online searches, or medical billing. For more information:
- Working from Home (U.S. Federal Trade Commission)

Tips to Protect Yourself

When you are applying a job:

  • Never send your bank account or credit card details to anyone that you do not trust. 
  • Beware of products or schemes claiming to guarantee income and job offers requiring an upfront fee or sending money through a money transfer service.
  • Do not believe in anyone who promises you a federal or postal job.
  • Remember: there are no shortcuts to wealth - the only people that make money are the scammers.

For more information on "How to tell whether a job lead may be a scam", visit:
Fraud Prevention | Job Scams

To report fraud, please contact Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at How to Report Fraud

Regarding the jobs listed on myFuture: General Information for students regarding jobs listed on myFuture

Please note that CaPS and McGill do not endorse any particular websites/services; the listing is for your information only.

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