Work Abroad - Worldwide Opportunities

Expand your horizons and open up new career opportunities by working abroad. It not only allows you to see another part of the world but can provide you with the cross-cultural experience employers are looking for in new employees.

U.S. Visa

Information for anyone who is interested in working in the U.S.

  • VISA Options for Canadians (PDF)
    Information on common types of employment visas (H-1B visas, L visa, O visas).
  • U.S. VISA Information (PDF) - Topics covered include:
    • Employment in the United States
    • Instructions for Visa Applicants
    • Free Trade Agreement Between Canada and the United States
  • J-1 VISA sponsor organizations (J-1 VISA Exchange Visitor Program)

    A list of official locations of the designated sponsor organizations for J-1 VISA.  J-1 VISA was created by the U.S. government to offer students and young professionals the opportunity to work as an intern, or to participate in an educational and cultural program in the USA for a limited period of time.

Career Books & Guides

For practical information in living and working in a foreign country:

Job Websites

  • Going Global
    *(VPN is required. Registration with your McGill email is highly recommended)

    16 million worldwide job and internship listings, 450,000 corporate profiles, country and city career guides, work permit requirements, sample cover letters and resumes, cultural advice, interviewing tips, H1B Visa database for Canadians thinking to work in the USA.

  • MyWorldAbroad (Registration with your McGill email is required)

    4,000+ resources, 300+ expert articles and inspiring student stories. Visit What Do You Want To Do? -> Work Abroad for job resources.

  • Vault Career Insider (Registration with your McGill email is required)
    Job information, including internships and foreign employment opportunities, for industries and professions.
  • International Career Employment Weekly (E-Newspaper & Job Board)
    International jobs and internships. To obtain the full access of this e-newspaper, follow the instruction on this page - Career Databases & Periodicals
  • Verge - Work Abroad Program
    Find a work abroad program: Government placements, intern/work aboard programs, international NGOs, specific sector, working holidays and seasonal work.
  • Work Abroad Job Websites
    Links to organizations and job boards offering working abroad opportunities.

International Teaching

Interested in teaching abroad? Links to websites providing international school listings and teaching abroad job websites.


  • Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program (National Geographic)

    Advance geographic literacy by engaging K-12 educators in field-based experiences that will be reflected in their teaching practice.  Expeditions range from 10 to 17 days.  The program runs from April to October.  Deadline: January.



Travel Advice

No preparation can completely prepare you for another culture, no matter how familiar it seems. Be ready to be flexible and willing to change your expectations. Information for Canadians travelling abroad.

Country Reports

Cultural Advice

Health & Safety

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