BIOC 462: Research Laboratory in Biochemistry

BIOC 462

6 credits
Research Laboratory in Biochemistry.

Biochemistry: A laboratory research project and related written review article all performed under the supervision of the same professor.

Offered by: Biochemistry

  • Fall
  • Prerequisite(s): BIOC 300D1/D2 or BIOC 320 and consent of the course coordinator and research director.
  • Restriction: Restricted to Honours students in Biochemistry
  • Students must obtain consent of a prospective research director and the course coordinator in order to register
  • Terms
    • Fall 2017
    • Winter 2018
  • Instructors
    • Jason C Young
    • Jason C Young


Work takes place in supervisor's lab.


Course is restricted to U3 Honours students. U3 Major students interested in taking this course should contact christine.laberge [at] (Christine Lalerge), Student Affairs Coordinator, McIntyre Building, Room 905, in April. ONLY STUDENTS WITH A CGPA OF 3.2 OR BETTER ARE PERMITTED TO APPLY. If you meet these minimum requirements, you will be placed on a waiting list and when a decision has been reached you will be notified by email.

Statement on Academic Integrity

"No student shall, with intent to deceive, represent the work of another person as his or her own in any academic writing, essay, thesis, research report, project or assignment submitted in a course or program of study or represent as his or her own an entire essay or work of another, whether the material so represented constitutes a part or the entirety of the work submitted."