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Research Laboratory in Biochemistry

BIOC 462

6 credits
Research Laboratory in Biochemistry.

Biochemistry: A laboratory research project and related written review article all performed under the supervision of the same professor.

Offered by: Biochemistry

Course requirements

Master of Science (M.Sc.); Biochemistry (Thesis) - Chemical Biology (47 credits)


Please note: a grayed out course title means the course is currently not offered this year.

Doctoral Thesis

The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website has all the Thesis guidelines Master's and doctoral students require, along with the Forms related to thesis submission. There, you will find:

Research Seminar 2

Research Seminar 2 (BIOC 703, Senior Seminar)



Approximately six months prior to submission of the Ph.D. thesis and before the thesis is written, a student is required to present the “Research Seminar 2” which constitutes a full hour formal presentation plus a discussion period as part of the Biochemistry Seminar Series (Academic). The Senior Seminar should present the complete, or close to complete, body of the research that will constitute the thesis, to a Department-wide audience.


Graduate Profiles

Alex Therien, BSc’94 PhD’99
Research Fellow, Merck Frosst

“I came to McGill because of the quality of the science being done here. The research was far-reaching and very relevant to medical research,” recalls Alex Therien, whose doctoral research “tissue-specific regulation of the sodium-potassium-ATPase” with Professor Rhoda Blostein was based primarily at the Montreal General Hospital.

Biophysical chemistry

BIOC 404

3 credits
Biophysical Methods in Biochemistry.

Biochemistry: Applications and fundamental bases of important biophysical techniques used in modern biochemistry research laboratories to isolate, characterize and determine the structure and dynamics of proteins, nucleic acids, small molecules and complexes that underlie life and disease.

Biochemistry of Macromolecules

BIOC 312

3 credits
Biochemistry of Macromolecules.

Independent Research

BIOC 491

6 credits
Independent Research.

Biochemistry: Individual work on a project to be performed in a research laboratory.

Offered by: Biochemistry

Jason C. Young

Jason C. Young

Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry

Biogenesis of Proteins and Organelles

Graduate students accepted.

Michel L. Tremblay

Department of Biochemistry

Role and function of protein tyrosine phosphatases