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Maxime Bouchard

Maxime Bouchard

Associate professor
Department of Biochemistry

Developmental Genetics of the urogenital system; Mouse models of developmental diseases and urogenital cancer; Apoptotic morphogenesis; Regulation of signaling by tyrosine kinases; Transcriptional networks.

Kalle Gehring

Department of Biochemistry

NMR spectroscopy use in the study of protein and nucleic acid structures

Membranes and cellular signaling

BIOC 458

3 credits
Membranes and Cellular Signaling.

List of master's-level courses

Students must complete 45 credits. Of the 45 Master's credits, 39 credits are thesis courses and the Research Seminar course. The other 6 credits are from 500-600 level complementary courses. Courses can be found in the McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Calendar available on the web.

Research Seminar 1

Research Seminar 1 (BIOC 701, Junior Seminar)

Grade: Pass/Fail


A Research Seminar must be presented by all M.Sc. students in the Department who plan to proceed to the Ph.D. degree, as well as students who enter the Department at the Ph.D. level. The Research Seminar MUST be presented in the third (3rd) semester of graduate studies (normally held in November for those students admitted in September and April/May for those admitted in January).

Metabolic Biochemistry

BIOC 311

3 credits
Metabolic Biochemistry.