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Research Laboratory in Biochemistry

Research Laboratory in Biochemistry

BIOC 462

6 credits
Research Laboratory in Biochemistry.

Biochemistry: A laboratory research project and related written review article all performed under the supervision of the same professor.

Offered by: Biochemistry

  • Fall
  • Prerequisite: BIOC 300 and consent of the course coordinator and research director
  • Restriction: Restricted to Honours students in Biochemistry
  • Students must obtain consent of a prospective research director and the course coordinator in order to register
  • Terms
    • Fall 2014
    • Winter 2015
  • Instructors
    • Jason C Young
    • Jason C Young


Work takes place in supervisor's lab.


Course is restricted to U3 Honours students. U3 Major students interested in taking this course should contact undergrad [dot] biochem [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Antonio Tarenzo), Student Affairs Coordinator, McIntyre Building, Room 905, in April. ONLY STUDENTS WITH A CGPA OF 3.2 OR BETTER ARE PERMITTED TO APPLY. If you meet these minimum requirements, you will be placed on a waiting list and when a decision has been reached you will be notified by email.