Site Manager

Site Managers have the ability to:

  • View/edit the content of existing pages and text for the page areas they have access to
    • Some basic knowledge of X/HTML is recommended, although not necessary
  • Add files such as images, text documents, PDFs, and videos to web pages
  • Add links to other internal or external sites
  • Access Page versions (Revisions): View earlier versions
    • Note: Only Site Managers can revert the page to an earlier version

In addition, they can also:

  • Create pages or delete existing pages as needed
  • Place and move pages within the menu navigation structure
  • Revert to earlier page versions (Revisions). Note: If you wish to delete page versions, contact the IT Service Desk
  • Create and position Blocks within the site
  • Create Webforms, if needed
  • Create Galleries and Slideshows
  • Manage files and images on a site using the My Workbench > File List tab
  • Import Channels, create News and Events blocks, and add RSS feeds using the Feed Aggregator
  • Edit site settings
  • Customize the Shortcuts bar for site managers
  • Request additional changes via the IT Service Desk (e.g., delete page versions)

Note: Prospective Site Managers must first take the following required courses before they can be given access to a site:

  • Site Editing (WMS 300)
  • Site Management (WMS 301)

Site Managers who wish to learn more about a particular feature may register for the following lab:

  • Lab for editors and site managers (WMS 302)

Registration links and session schedules may be found here.

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