Site Administrator

Site Administrators have the most comprehensive level of permissions in the WMS to oversee content and structure as they are responsible for ensuring the overall quality, "look & feel", and objectives of a site.

In addition to the tools normally available to Site Managers, Site Administrators have access to additional specialized features that can significantly impact a site such as the:

  • Site Settings
  • Taxonomy


  • Any prospective Site Administrator must already be a Site Manager.
  • We recommend that sites have only one Site Administrator although a maximum of two per site will be allowed.
  • In many cases, individuals in the discontinued designation formerly known as the "Primary Site Manager" are promoted to Site Administrators.
  • Requests to add or remove Site Administrators must be made by the Site Sponsor.
  • The additional Beta Tester role is still required by any individual testing features in beta. Some features in beta will only be made available to Site Administrators upon release.
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