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What does a year cost at McGill? The answer depends on where you’re from, what you want to study, and where you choose to live.

McGill offers a range of residence options, so explore the “Rez” community to see what type best suits your lifestyle and budget. Student-friendly Montreal is also full of affordable apartments for those who’d prefer to live off campus.

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McGill is committed to supporting its students in every way possible—that’s why we’ve increased our student aid budget by over $22M since 2006. It’s also why McGill earned high marks from Maclean's for the percentage of our total operating budget devoted to scholarships and bursaries.

McGill offers merit-based entrance scholarships and need-based entrance financial aid, along with other funding programs. All new first-year students are eligible to apply, regardless of their citizenship.

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Taking on a job while you earn your degree is a great way to gain valuable skills and experience while offsetting the costs of student life. With downtown Montreal at McGill’s doorstep, and a variety of opportunities on campus, you’re sure to find a job that fits you—whether it’s part-time during the school year or full-time over the summer.

Good news for full-time International students! Study permits automatically allow you to work off campus as soon as you arrive. 

If you have financial need, the Work Study program gives you access to on-campus jobs that will help with tuition and look great on your CV.