Changes & Trip Cancellations

  1. Changes or cancellations must be communicated to the Travel Management Company (TMC) as soon as known; if outside of regular working hours then the Traveler is to contact the TMC’s 24/7 service to notify them
  2. If cancellation insurance was purchased and the change or cancellation is due to illness, then immediately contact the insurance provider to process the claim
  3. If no cancellation insurance was purchased or if the cancellation is not due to illness, then any residual airline credits will be retained and managed by the TMC for future use

    (a) there is a time limit on these credits therefore all efforts should be made by the Traveler to use them as soon as possible
    (b) the TMC will inform the Traveler of these unused credits the next time there is a travel request
    (c) if the credits cannot be used by the same Traveler then you are encouraged to transfer the credit to another McGill Traveler booking on that airline. Contact the TMC for assistance.

  4. Hotel and vehicle rental reservations will be guaranteed by the Traveler’s personal credit card
  5. All hotel cancellations must be done via the same channel that was used for the reservation of the hotel
  6. It is the responsibility of the Traveler to follow the hotel’s cancellation policy, ensuring that all reservations are cancelled in time. Cancellation deadlines are based on the local time of the hotel. The University will not reimburse hotel cancellation penalties or charges due to negligence. To avoid disputes Travelers should record the cancellation number




Registration Form for Faculty/Staff Traveling on University Business

All University business travel must be registered through this form to ensure coverage for any unforeseen medical emergencies while traveling outside your province of residence.

You must log in with your McGill credentials (email and password) to access this form.

Note that some travel destinations must be pre-approved. More information about Business Travel coverage is available here.

For personal/vacation travel, please consult this page here.

For additional information, please consult the Benefit Travel Webpage or contact [at]


Important notice for international travelers

The Government of Canada provides essential information on travel health risks and preventive measures to keep you safe during your travels. It is important to review the Travel website of Canada each time before you book your travels. Under Travel Health Notices the Public Health Agency of Canada outline potential health risks to Canadian travelers and recommend ways to help reduce them.


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