Fall 2021 Guidelines for Teaching and Learning now available

McGill Policies and Guidelines related to Teaching

There are University requirements for policy statements in course outlines; please consult the Course Outline Guide for details.

Below is a list of policies and guidelines that directly address teaching at McGill. Other policies may apply depending on course circumstances; please contact tls [at] mcgill.ca if you have specific questions.

Policy and guidelines                                                                                                                       

Date approved, reviewed, revised, or updated

Academic Integrity

Cloud Directive (Version française) Revision date: May 26, 2021
Effective date: March 30, 2015
Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures Reviewed January 16, 2019
Conflict of Interest Revised September 27, 2011
Copyright Approved April 20, 2017
Course Evaluations, End-of-Course Revised April 23, 2014
E-Mail Communications with Students (Version française) Approved September 29, 2003
Guidelines for Instructors and Students on Teaching,Learning, and Assessment (Fall 2021)
 Information for instructors about F21 teaching
Revised July 8, 2021
Guidelines for Assessment of Experiential Learning Approved in 2014
Guidelines on Intimate Relationships Between Teaching Staff and Students (Version française) Revised May 9, 2018
Guidelines for Search Committees Approved December 2017
Mobile Computing and Communications Devices in Classes Approved May 31, 2010
Ombudsperson for Students  (Version française) Revised May 19, 2009
Religious Holy Days  (Version française) Revised April 16, 2007
Reporting Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Violence  March 28, 2019
Responsible Use of McGill Information Technology Resources  Reviewed May 21, 2020
Rights of Students with Disabilities (Version française) Amended April 13, 2005
Safe Disclosure  Amended November 26, 2015
Sexual Violence  Reviewed March 28, 2019
Teaching Portfolio Guidelines  Revised October 28, 2016
University Student Assessment Policy (USAP) (Version française)
View USAP Reference Sheet
Amended April 20, 2016

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