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Since 2005, there has been increased focus on the design of teaching and learning spaces that better support students’ active engagement in their own learning. A key result has been the creation of the Teaching and Learning Spaces Working Group (TLSWG) by the Provost in 2006. Intended to create a vision for teaching and learning space development aligned with University directions, the working group establishes teaching and learning space principles and standards, identifies teaching and learning space needs, sets priorities and recommends funding for improvements to teaching and learning spaces at McGill. 

This working group has recommended funding for nearly $12M of renovations and IT improvements to classrooms across campus since 2006. These projects have included multiple new Active Learning Classrooms designed for active and collaborative learning. These ALCs were highlighted in the September 2013 publication of a book by the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalization that highlights innovative international campus spaces (see pp. 120-123, PDF pp. 62-63).

In the 2011-2012 year, over 214 classrooms in 49 buildings across campus were improved.

As of 2011, the University Teaching Labs Working Group (UTLWG) has also begun funding improvements to teaching laboratory spaces across campus.


In the past year alone (2013), 7 major classrooms have been renovated:

  • Otto Maas Chemistry: 118 seats
  • Stewart Biology S3/3: 100 seats
  • Stewart Biology S3/4: 47 seats
  • McIntyre CyberMed (2nd floor): Three new active learning classrooms of 80 seats each, as well as numerous smaller seminar rooms
  • Centennial Centre 163 

Further, four smaller classroom renovations have been funded, and audiovisual/computer replacements or upgrades have been funded in 11 rooms.

Looking ahead, three other large classrooms on campus will be renovated in 2014: Education 129, Arts W-120, and McConnell Engineering 10, in addition to multiple smaller projects.

Teaching Labs

In the past year alone (2013), 3 major teaching labs have been (or are in the process of being) renovated:

  • Hosmer House (Physical & Occupational Therapy)
  • Mechanical Engineering Design lab and equipment for Macdonald Engineering rooms 051, 052, 056, 057, 058
  • Trottier 3060/70/80: Physics lab moving from Rutherford (completion in 2014)

Further, five smaller teaching lab improvements have taken (or are taking) place in four faculties: Education, Music, Agriculture and Environmental Science, Engineering.

Looking ahead, pre-designs have been completed for several teaching labs, which will be prioritized for funding, including a Continuing Studies language lab, the kinesiology teaching lab, the construction materials lab, the anatomy teaching lab, and the biology undergraduate teaching labs (Stewart Biology 4th floor). Smaller projects will also be going forward in numerous faculties.


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