Tax Coop 2016: "Winning the Tax Wars" - May 23-24, 2016

Tax Coop and the World Bank are hosting a conference on tax competition and cooperation in Washington DC on May 23-24.

As last year, Professor Allison Christians has constructed the debate, which this year will be livestreamed on May 23 at 16:15 EST. (A link will be posted shortly.)

This year's debaters are Alison Holder of ActionAid, and Veronique de Rugy of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

They will debate "What’s Better for Developing Countries: Tax Competition or Tax Cooperation?."

For complete information, visit the TaxPol blog.

Tax Incentives and Innovation Workshop

8 February 2016, Faculty of Law, 3690 Peel Street, room 102

The Tax and Innovation Research Team workshop will consist of three presentations on themes arising in the Law and the Creative District project organized by Professors Allison Christians and Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse. The goal of the Law and the Creative District project is to examine the role of regulation in the emergence and growth of innovative industries. Each of the presenter groups has drafted preliminary findings to present to the group for discussion and collaboration. The discussion will help guide the continuing research.

See the Workshop Program [.docx]

"Careers in Tax" Lunches

The Careers in Tax lunches are an opportunity for students to talk with practitioners deeply engaged in the world of domestic and international tax law, to hear about their career trajectories and experiences as tax counsel.

The next lunch will take place on November 12, 2015, when the Stikeman Chair welcomes Robert Raich of Spiegel Sohmer, and his colleagues Morris Jacobson and Frédéric Delisle. It lunch take place in OCDH 16, from noon to 13:30.

The Chair hosted a lunch with Derek Chiasson, of Norton Rose Fulbright, on 16 September, and Rhonda Rudick of Davies, on October 1, 2015.

2015 Spiegel Sohmer Tax Policy Colloquium

The Spiegel Sohmer Tax Policy Colloquium has been made possible by a generous grant from the law firm Spiegel Sohmer, Inc., for the purpose of fostering an academic community in which learning and scholarship may flourish.

This fall, in its second installment, the Colloquium will focus on the fundamentals of corporate tax policy by critically examining issues in national and international tax policy. The Colloquium is convened by Allison Christians, H. Heward Stikeman Chair in Taxation Law.

Each talk will take place from 14:30-17:30pm in Room 202 of New Chancellor Day Hall, 3644 Peel Ave, Montreal. Students, faculty and the McGill community in Montreal are welcome to attend.

Monday, September 28: Rosanne Altshuler

Rosanne Altshuler is Dean of Social and Behavioral Science and a Professor of Economics at Rutgers University. She was the Chair of the Department of Economics at Rutgers from 2011 to 2015. She has written widely on federal tax policy, including her most recent article “Lessons the United States Can Learn from Other Countries’ Territorial Systems for Taxing Income of Multinational Corporations.”

Monday, October 5: Steven Dean

Steven Dean is a Professor at Brooklyn Law School and a specialist in tax law. His research addresses a range of tax and budgetary issues, including unconventional solutions to problems such as tax havens, regulatory complexity and tax shelters. His recent article, “Tax Deregulation,” considered the surprising implications of enhancing taxpayer autonomy.

Monday, November 2: Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy is a chartered accountant and economist. He is the founder of the Tax Justice Network and the director of Tax Research LLP, which undertakes work on tax policy, advocacy and research. Mr. Murphy is the co-author of several publications on tax policy, including his most recent book, “Over Here and Undertaxed: Multinationals, Tax Avoidance and You.”

Tuesday, November 10: Daniel N. Shaviro: Recent International Tax Policy Developments

Daniel Shaviro is a Professor of Taxation at the New York University School of Law. Professor Shaviro has written several books examining tax policy, budget policy and entitlements issues. His most recent book, “Fixing US International Taxation,” offers an analytical framework for international tax policy that sidesteps the standard worldwide taxation vs. territorial taxation framework.

Monday, November 23: Kim Brooks Scott Wilkie

Scott Wilkie, a partner at Blakes' Toronto offices, has a practice that is is primarily focused on international taxation including international corporate tax planning, transfer pricing and tax treaty advice, although in his 30 years of experience, he has advised on most areas of income taxation. Wilkie is vice-chair of the Permanent Scientific Committee of the International Fiscal Association. He is a past chair of the Canadian Tax Foundation and a member of the International Advisory Council of the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation. Furthermore, he is an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, where he teaches international taxation, a co-director of the Osgoode Hall Law School Professional LL.M. in tax law and an adjunct professor in international taxation in that program.

(We regret that Professor Kim Brooks had to cancel her presentation.)

Monday, November 30: Albert Baker: Base Erosion & Profit Shifting

Albert Baker is the Global Leader in Tax Policy at Deloitte LLP, where he specializes in international tax, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing and corporate reorganizations. His recent research focuses on base erosion & profit shifting, a project to address concerns that current international tax frameworks result in double non-taxation, or stateless income, or reducing the tax base in high tax countries.