Admission Procedures and Requirements

Admission Procedures and Requirements for Undergraduate Medicine

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The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of McGill University conducts a rigorous, multi-criteria evaluation of applications to its programs. Admissions criteria and the selection process are established and approved by the MCDM Admissions Committee and correspond to the Faculty's mission to equip students to meet the highest standards of medical practice and professionalism and to ensure career-long excellence in whole-person care. The MDCM Admissions Committee's guiding principles are: seeking excellence, inclusivity, alignment, fairness, and transparency.

Understanding that our graduates will go on to serve diverse communities in Quebec, Canada, and beyond, applicants should demonstrate a deep commitment to, and evidence of, a pursuit of excellence in academic work, ethical and professional conduct, and awareness of the complexities of the world in which they will go on to hold privileged positions of service and leadership.

The MDCM Admissions Committee encourage excellent candidates who meet the academic and non-academic criteria outlined in their respective applicant category to apply to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences' programs.

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