Minors for Non-Management Students

Faculty of Management Minor in Management for Non-Management Students

The Desautels Faculty of Management has a Management Minor for undergraduate non-Management students to develop a variety of managerial skills that will serve them throughout their chosen careers.

The minor is 18 credits split between a fixed set of required courses and a choice amongst complementary courses. On an exceptional basis, students may be permitted a maximum of one Continuing Studies course for credit within their chosen Management minor.

The application form may be found on the Minor in Management for Non-Management Students website. The application deadline is June 1. Decisions will be communicated early July, whereby students will be informed via their McGill email address. Courses for minors must be passed with grades of C or better. Courses for minors cannot be taken under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option. Students must inform their Faculty when they are approved for the minor to ensure timely graduation.

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