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LIKEHOME.INFO - The Student Guide to Successful Renting

For information regarding Montreal housing costs, neighborhoods, and more, be sure to check out

Whether you want to learn about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or how to understand the different types of rental agreements, this site will guide you in the right direction.

We recommend that all students who are either currently renting off-campus or planning on it to visit to ensure they are making informed, responsible decisions. 

Information on e-mail scams

In your search for a sub-letter, beware of email sublet scams! Always treat your instincts if something seems too good to be true. While the details of any scam can vary, many scams in recent years have shared the following characteristics:

The interested "sub-letter" responds very quickly to your ad.

He doesn't ask to see pictures, nor does he ask any questions about move-in dates; he seems extremely accommodating.

He will offer money right away in the form of a (fraudulent) money order, moneygram, or bank draft, but it will be more than the required amount.

The bank will hold the money order (or other form of payment) for 5 days, but the sub-letter will pressure you to wire-transfer the balance in the meantime. He might claim they accidentally overpaid and that they urgently need you to return the amount. Common reasons are "my boss owes me money," or "I need it for my plane ticket to Montreal." DO NOT give money out of your pocket.

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