Hall Assignment Lottery

It is important to keep in mind that hall assignments for all eligible first year students are determined by a lottery. This means that students do not automatically get assigned their first choice. As part of the room reservation process, students have been asked to rank accommodations by order of preference.

On June 4th, lottery day, each student who paid their residence deposit was given a randomly generated lottery number. The lower your number, the greater your chance of being placed in your first choice of accommodation. Please note that we do not know each student’s lottery number. This number is generated by our IT team and is not provided to us.

For students who were admitted to McGill after June 3rd, hall assignment will be subject to availability. Based on the past few years, all of our spaces are filled with students accepted before June 6th, however please do not hesitate to contact our office in the event that we should have availability at (514) 398-6368.

In order to reserve your space in residence and indicate your hall assignment preferences, you must have completed the application and have paid the residence deposit by the deadline of June 3rd at midnight.

Students receiving Major Renewable or Basic Entrance Scholarships from McGill are guaranteed one of their first two choices of residence halls. 


1. Log in to Minerva -> Applicant tab -> Student Housing Status
2. On your Student Housing Offer Summary click on: Accept this offer.
3. Read room reservation agreement. Click I agree.

4. Tell us where you want to live: Rank each choice with a numeric value to indicate your preference for residence halls and type of accommodation. Please see here for a practice copy of the residence ranking sheet. Information about all our residence halls and types of accommodation can be found here.

If you have specific accomodation needs such as dietary or mobility restrictions, fill out this form.

5. When you have ranked all available options, click on Next Question.
6. Tell us a little about yourself by answering the survey questions. Your answers do not influence which residence hall you are assigned to (hall assignment is by lottery), but your answers do help us match you with a roommate if you are assigned to a double room and play and important role in helping us build community and plan programming.
7. Once you have completed the survey, click on Survey Complete.
8. The deposit payment page will appear with the deposit amount applicable to you. Click on Continue.
9. Enter your payment (credit card only).
10. Payment confirmation page will appear. Keep a copy for your records.

At any time you can click on Finish Later and you responses will be saved for you to complete at a later date.