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Banner Student Aid (BSA)

Read the information below to learn about the Banner Student Aid (BSA) system and its benefits to students and the University.

What is Banner Student Aid module (BSA)?

  • The Banner Student Aid module is software implemented by McGill that is fully integrated with our Banner system. McGill was one of five Canadian schools to work with SunGard Higher Education to develop a financial aid and awards product suitable for the Canadian environment.
  • At McGill, BSA is now regarded as the authoritative source for all student award and financial data.
  • BSA, via the Minerva Award Processing Form, is used to process all student awards, student stipends, and financial aid payments for both undergraduate and graduate students.

BSA Benefits – Students

  • Increased service
  • Faster payments by direct deposit
  • Flexible payment schedule not tied to payroll dates
  • Minerva access to all your awards and payment schedules

BSA Benefits – Units

  • Clear and easy processes to manage
  • Better controls
    • Eligibility checking to ensure student is registered at time of payment
    • Budget validation at each payment avoids inadvertent over expenditures
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities from various perspectives: student, Aid Fund and processor for planning and monitoring purposes

BSA Benefits – University

  • Holistic planning tool
  • A single repository of student funding data
    • Helps ensure all funding sources in support of students are optimized
    • Sets the groundwork for future guaranteed funding (packaging) functionality
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