Thanking your Donor

Have you received a McGill bursary from Scholarships and Student Aid? Would you like to show your appreciation? The McGill Office of Donor Relations updates benefactors annually on the impact that their philanthropy is having on the University and you can help by writing a thank you letter.

Why should I write a thank you letter?

Thanking donors gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and is a great way to show your appreciation. It also encourages current donors to continue giving generous donations to help more McGill students like you!

Where does the money come from?

Many of the bursary funds administered by Scholarships and Student Aid are provided by generous donors who wish to support students in need. For example, some donate funds on an annual basis or in a lump sum, others leave gifts to the University in their wills or donate in memory of others. You can view the description of the bursary you received and/or view all the student bursaries available in the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Calendar.

What do I write in the thank you letter?

Here are some suggestions to help you construct your thank you letter:

  • How the funds helped you achieve academic success this year;
  • How the funds helped relieve financial pressure or reduce your debt;
  • Your program of study or courses taken;
  • Your academic goals and aspirations;
  • Why you chose to study at McGill;
  • Any relevant personal information that you wish to share with the donor.

Who do I write to?

You have a few options:

  1. you can use the online form provided at McGill Alumni page
  2. you can write a handwritten note and drop it off at Scholarships and Student Aid
  3. you can send a letter via email to student.aid [at]

I get the same award every year. Do I have to write a thank you letter each year?

Yes. If you have received the same bursary several times and have already submitted a thank you letter in the past, consider sending your donor a brief update. Donors are happy to hear about the progress and success of the students they help support.

I am a recipient of more than one bursary. Do I have to write a thank you letter for each bursary I receive?

The McGill Alumni online form provides fields to include 3 bursaries so you need only write one thank you letter.

At the end of each academic year, Scholarships and Student Aid sends an email to each student who has received one or more bursaries that have a requirement of thanking the donor. If you receive an email it means you were specifically selected to receive a particular bursary(s) based on the terms of the award and your student profile (faculty, program, etc.).

I don’t want the donor to know my name, but I still want to write a thank you letter. Can I write an anonymous letter?

Yes. You may choose to submit your letter anonymously on the McGill Alumni online form.


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