Reduced-Fare OPUS Card FAQ

Can I order this card if I don’t yet have a Quebec Permanent Code?

Yes! Your order can still be processed by the STM.   Note: If you have a Quebec Permanent Code, it will be sent to the STM along with the rest of your order.

Can I order my reduced-fare OPUS card before obtaining my McGill ID card?

New students will be able to order their reduced-fare OPUS card in Minerva approximately 24 hours after obtaining their first McGill ID card. Returning students may order their card anytime thereafter, as their McGill photo on record will be sent to the STM along with the rest of their order. All students may also obtain their card directly at the STM Photo Studio at Berri-UQAM metro.

How will my name will appear on my reduced-fare OPUS card?

The name on your reduced-fare OPUS card will reflect the preferred first name you have recorded in Minerva (ie. your name as featured on your McGill ID card). If no preferred first name is listed for you, your legal first name will be used.

Is there an age limit to purchase the reduced-fare OPUS card for students?

To be eligible for a reduced-fare OPUS card, students must be between 6 and 64 years old. Those 65 years of age or over are eligible for another type of reduced fare.

Can I order this card if I don’t have a Quebec address or phone number?

Your Quebec mailing address (including postal code) must be recorded in Minerva – and must be unexpired - in order for your order to be sent to the STM. That mailing address is also the place at which your reduced-fare OPUS card will be sent once the STM has processed it. You must also have a valid phone number recorded in Minerva (under the Personal Menu).

Do I need to send in my own personal photo along with my order?

If you are ordering a reduced-fare OPUS card in Minerva, the photo included in your order will be the same one that has already been used to produce your McGill ID card. You may alternatively order and obtain your card in person directly at the STM Photo Studio at Berri-UQAM metro.

I lost my OPUS card, how can I order a new one?

For all lost OPUS cards, visit STM Customer Service or the STM Photo Studio to obtain a replacement card.

I don’t have a credit card, how can I pay the $15 fee?

A valid VISA or Mastercard is required so as to order your reduced-fare OPUS card via Minerva. If you do not have a credit card or would prefer to pay the fee using an alternate method, please visit STM Photo Studio at Berri-UQAM metro.

I forgot to print my receipt, how can I obtain another?

If you did not print your receipt or provide an email address at which your receipt was to be sent to you, you will need to contact STM Customer Service so as to obtain a copy.

Why didn’t my credit card payment go through?

For all issues pertaining to payment errors, contact your bank, or contact STM Customer Service directly.

When will I receive my card?

The STM will mail your card to your mailing address on record within a few business days of your order. If after several business days, you still have yet to receive your reduced-fare OPUS card, contact STM Customer Service.

Do I have to replace my reduced-fare OPUS card each year?

Your reduced-fare OPUS card is only valid for a single academic year, at most. If you are still eligible for reduced-fare transit, you must order a new reduced-fare OPUS card each year.

If I’m not yet registered full-time, can I still order my OPUS card?

You must be currently registered on a full-time basis so as to be eligible to order your reduced-fare OPUS card.


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