Examples of Past Honours Theses

Ansel Renner: Avoiding Resistance: A collective Action Analysis of Fisheries PES (2015). Advisor: Brian Robinson.

Lana Rothfels:  Neighbourhood Socioeconomic Status and Measured Ambient Air Pollution in Montreal and Toronto Neighbourhoods (2015). Advisor: Jill Baumgartner.

Jane Zhang: From Soil to Sky: Comparing the Environmental Impacts of a Rooftop Urban Greenhouse in Montreal to Conventional Greenhouses and Field Agriculture (2014). Advisor: Madhav Badhami.

Maggie Cascadden:  Biofuels: A Literature and Data Analysis (2014). Advisor: Lea Berrang-Ford

Victor Lam: Christian Mysticism, Neuroscience of Religious Experiences, and Social Transformation in the Anthropocene (2014). Advisor.

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