Honours FAQ

How do I find a superviser? 

The search for a supervisor requires initiative on your part, and is largely informal. To get started, think about what topics and questions might interest you then seek out a professor with similar research interests. Use department webpages and ask around to other students. Once you’ve identified a professor that might be suitable, contact them to try and set up a meeting.

How do I choose a topic for my Honours thesis?

Ideally, you’ll have a specific question you’d like to address in your research that. But if you only have a general idea, that’s ok too.  A professor that is on board with advising your honours thesis will be able to help you narrow down a research question.

Am I supposed to participate to a professor's research or do I develop my own thesis?

Either way! You can discuss this with Professor(s) that you seek out as a potential advisor.

How do I apply for Honours?

All the information about how to apply for Honours can be found in the tab on the left. If you need more information, remember that you can still contact the SSS Program Adviser, or more informally the VP Academic and/or other executives of the Student Association of Sustainability, Science and Society (SASSS). 



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