Postdoc Researchers

McGill School of Physical & Occupational Therapy (SPOT) Postdoctoral Researchers 2021-2022


Postdoctoral Supervisor(s)

Research Interests

Ghai, Shashank Lamontagne, Anouk

Neuroimaging, biostatistics, rehabilitation

Giroux, Catherine Thomas, Aliki  
Gonzalez, Miriam Shikako-Thomas, Keiko

"Engaging hard-to-reach populations in childhood disability research"

Hard-to-reach groups, patient engagement, neurodisability, children’s rights, Accessible Canada Act, knowledge synthesis

Iqbal, Zafar

Thomas, Aliki


Kuhlmann, Naila Blain-Moraes, Stefanie / Thomas, Aliki  
Latulippe, Karine Archambault, Philippe

Digital health technologies, social inequalities, digital divide, participatory design/codesign, qualitative research

Nematollahi, Shahrzad

Dahan-Oliel, Noémi

Perinatal epidemiology, Life course epidemiology, Longitudinal/ cohort data analysis, Disease Registry, Community health assessment, Field epidemiology, Social Determinants of Health

Piscitelli, Daniele Levin, Mindy Motor control, neuro-rehabilitation, stroke, psychometrics and outcome measurement
Quigley, Adria Mayo, Nancy  
Stilwell, Peter Wideman, Timothy

Pain-related suffering, person-centred care, musculoskeletal conditions

Teel, Elizabeth Blain-Moraes, Stefanie "Parental Stress and Neuroimaging in Pediatric Concussion"
Tessier, Alexandra Archambault, Philippe Comment favoriser l’emploi des personnes en situation de handicap par l’accès au transport collectif? / How to promote employment of people living with disabilities through public transportations?
Uddin, Zakir Wideman, Timothy  
Vingron, Naomi Kehayia, Eva  
Waisman-Nitzan, Michal Anaby, Dana

Implementing Pathways and Resources for Enhancing Participation (PREP) in Inclusive Education: A Knowledge Translation Initiative

Weech, Seamas Lamontagne, Anouk

"Sensorimotor control and adaptation in real and virtual environments"

Virtual reality, multisensory integration, and sensorimotor impairments

Zomahoun, Herve Tchala Lamontagne, Anouk  
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