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Master of Science (Applied) in Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy: Entry Points 

The School of Physical and Occupational Therapy offers two entry points to the Master of Science (Applied) in Occupational Therapy or in Physical Therapy (MSc(A) OT or MSc(A) PT).

1. The undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Science (Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy):

  • Students who successfully complete the Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation (OT or PT) are eligible to apply to the corresponding Master of Science (Applied) program.  

2. The Qualifying Year for the Master of Science Applied in Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy:

  • Students who successfully complete the Qualifying Year  (QY) (Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy)  are eligible to apply to the corresponding Master of Science (Applied) program. The Qualifying Year is a non-degree granting program. The QY entry point is intended for candidates who already have an undergraduate degree. Candidates with an undergraduate degree are also welcome to apply to the Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation.

Note: Only students from these two entry points are eligible to apply for direct entry to the MSc(A) programs. Places are held in the MSc(A) programs for all students coming from these two entry points. These students will be granted entry to their respective MSc(A) program provided they have maintained the appropriate academic standing, and other requirements outlined during their studies.

Upon completion of the MSc(A)  OT or PT, graduates will have the educational credentials required to apply for licensure to practice in their respective discipline. 

Admissions Guides & Documents

All applications materials and documents must be uploaded directly to uApply, the McGill graduate studies online application form. Applications for Fall 2021 will open on September 15, 2020.

NOTE: The QY program only admits new students in the Fall term. Applications for the Winter or Summer terms are not accepted.

Qualifying Year for the MScA in Occupational Therapy Program:


OT Admissions Guide (for Fall 2021 Admissions) 

Background Courses Form

Background Courses Form Example

CV Instructions and Example

CV Template (résumé)

Video Presentation -Tips


Qualifying Year for the MScA in Physical Therapy Program:


PT Admissions Guide (for Fall 2021 Admission)

Prerequisite Courses Form

Prerequisite Courses Form Example

CV Instructions and Example (résumé)

CV Template (résumé)

Video Presentation - Tips


Application Deadlines:


Canadian Candidates

International Candidates

Payment & Submission

February 12th

January 15th

Final CASPer

Testing Date

January 26th (English)

January 19th (French)

January 26th (English)

January 19th (French)

Document Upload

February 12th

February 12th

French for Healthcare Professionals

Both programs have specific French language requirements, please refer to the above Admissions Guides for details.

Please note that, due to current issues with availability for many of the tests offered in the Admissions Guides, applicants who need to take French written and verbal comprehension tests for Fall 2021 have the following options available as well:


Testing for the two skillsets must be completed by March 1, 2021.

CASPer Testing

The CASPer test is an online screening tool designed to evaluate key personal and professional characteristics that make for successful students and graduates.  Applicants to the Qualifying Year (QY) are required to submit a recent score for the Canadian Professional Health Sciences (Science de la santé - niveau 2).  Test scores are only valid for the admission cycle for which they are designated.  Fall 2021 admissions accepts CASPer tests taken from  August 2020 - January 2021.

Testing dates for 2021 admissions can be found on the test provider's web site. Answers to some frequently asked questions are provided in a CASPer registration guide. After reading this document, please direct any remaining questions about CASPer to the test provider.  Altus Assessments, the testing provider, has also created a test preparation web portal.

To register visit

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