SPOT Researchers Funded for Stroke Recovery


Published: 11Dec2020

Joyce Fung, PhD, Marc Roig, PhD and Laurie Snider, erg., PhD are co-investigators and JRH site investigators of CANSTIM - Canadian Platform for Research in Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS). CANSTIM is recently funded by the Brain Canada Foundation, through the Canada Brain Research Fund, with the financial support of Health Canada, for a total amount of close to two million dollars over 3 years. Led by Drs. Alexander Thiel, Jodi Edwards and Numa Dancause, CANSTIM is a national network that aims to create the research capacity necessary for the initiation of multi-centre clinical trials in NIBS and to test new stimulation methods and protocols, selecting the most efficient ones for testing in clinical trials and accelerating the transition of NIBS into clinical practice for the treatment of CVA (stroke).

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