Marc Roig

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Associate Professor

Marc Roig
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School of Physical & Occupational Therapy
Faculty of Medicine, McGill University 
3654 Promenade Sir-William-Osler 

+1 (514) 398-4400 ext 00841
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marc.roigpull [at]
Associate Professor

Postdoc Neurophysiology. University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

PhD Rehabilitation Science. University of British Columbia (Canada)

MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine. Nottingham University (United Kingdom)

BSc Physical Therapy. University Ramon Llull (Spain)

BSc Physical Education and Sports Sciences. National Institute of Physical Education (Spain).




Teaching areas: 

Clinical Exercise Physiology




Current research: 

I am interested in understanding mechanisms underlying motor memory consolidation. Specifically, the neural processes taking place after motor practice, which are indispensable for the acquisition of motor skills. The basic idea of my research is to look beyond rehabilitate interventions to study the formation of motor memories once the physical treatment has ended. I am also interested in developing new strategies (e.g. cardiovascular exercise) to optimize the consolidation of motor memories. I am also studying how, after being encoded, motor memories can be either enhanced or disrupted when different memory processes coincide after motor practice. I am particularly interested in understanding the neurobiological mechanisms underlying memory interference and how this knowledge can be used to optimize physical therapy practice in older populations. My goal is to improve motor function in people with mobility deficits such as patients with stroke or Parkinson's disease.

Areas of expertise: 






Selected publications: 


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