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SPOT's Administrative Excellence Centre is AEC-11.
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Student Affairs Manager

Spencer Keys-Schatia

Admin and Student Affairs Officer

Tel.: 514-398-4400 ext.09664 [at]

Location: Davis 4

Supervisor to the Administrative, Student Affair, Technical staff, Casual and Work study staff

Manager of Operations and task distribution

Hiring and Interviewing of Full time and Part time staff and Work study students

Assists with hiring and processing of TA's and Invigilators

Assists with Postdoc applications and registration

Student funding, Scholarships/awards, stipends and travel reimbursements

PCARD Administrator

Assists with PH.D. Comp Exams

SPOT Telephone Coordinator

SPOT Security Designate (gives approval to grant access to McGill software's and systems)

Assists and oversees Student Affair events

Special projects and requests

Student Affairs

Person Responsibilities and Contributions

Ms. Alina Bezhanyan

Student Affairs Coordinator

Tel.: 514-398-4500 [at]

Location: Davis 5

Undergraduate Programs Rehabilitations Sciences



Course changes/add/drop

Inter university transfer

Credit exemption


Exam conflicts


Ms. Meliza Coronell

Admin & GPC

Tel.: 514-398-5926 [at]

Location: Davis 5

Professional Masters Program (Admissions & Events)

Casper coordinator for admissions

Admissions for the QY and MScA


SPOT Website (clinical, programs, and admissions)

Mercury/ Course Evaluations


Ms. Marlene Brettler

Senior Admin & GPC

Tel.: 514-398-2784 [at]

Location: Davis 5

Professional Masters Programs (Records & Registration)


Records and registration for the professional programs

Timetable and Class Scheduling for the professional programs

Final exam scheduling

Course related room bookings

Admissions for the professional programs

Graduation auditing

Course creation and course revision for professional programs

Departmental committee support

Reviews updates GPS eCalendar for professional programs

Document requests

Ms. Nadina Paraschuk

Admin & Student Affairs Coordinator

Tel.: 514-398-1293 [at]

Location: Davis 4

Clinical Education


Clinical Education administrative and Student Affairs queries

Statistics reporting, maintenance and questions on the Clinical Education Portal

Liaison between Clinicians and placement offers

Monitoring and Coordination of Clinical Education site stipends

Planning & Coordination of Clinical Education professional events and workshops

Updating of Clinical Education section on website of School of Physical and Occupational Therapy

Facilitate communication between the Clinical community and Clinical Education Faculty

Communications and Development Committee Member and Admin Support

Student Affairs Contact for: Criminal Record checks and placement prerequisites

Ms. Tina Portaro

Student Affairs Coordinator

Tel.: 514-398-4400 ext. 0432 [at]

Location: Davis 4

Graduate Certificates


Problem solving for students

Respond to special requests

Admissions, GPA calculations

Registration- add drop deadlines and withdrawals

Graduation, attend convocation

Equivalency Program (accept meeting)

Help with continuing education workshops

Help with mmi preparations


Ms. Ziyue (Haizee) Zhu (interim)

Ms. Chiara Sabatino (on leave)

Admin & GPC

Tel.: 514-398-2271

graduate.rehabilitation [at]

Location: Davis 4

Graduate Rehabilitation Science Programs


Admissions (GPA calculations, answer to prospective student questions)

Registration: inform students on deadlines, courses to register for, registration approval

Problem solving for students: holds, late registration, withdrawals, leave of absence, document request

Help students with awards applications (internal and external funding, Travel Grants)

Help organize student events: Protocol Presentations, PhD Oral Defense, Orientation Session

Room booking for special events

Grades approval

Graduation approval

Help keep track of student progress by keeping the Graduate Tracking system up to date

Comprehensive exams (PhD students)


Help with the admission and registration of Graduate Research Trainees

Update the website: course guide and course schedule, important dates, resources for students


Program Operations


Person Responsibilities and Contributions


Mr. Alireza (Ali) Moosakhani (interim)

Course Technician

Tel.: 514-398-4516 [at] 

Location: Hosmer 100

Occupational Therapy Program


Support for Occupational Therapy teaching labs/  hands-on learning

Coordinator for OT lab-related equipment/ teaching materials

Assessment Library technician (teaching resources/standardized tests)

Ms. Johanne Bourdon

Course Technician

Tel.: 514-398-4400 x 00826 [at]

Location: Hosmer 100

Occupational & Physical Therapy Programs


Technical support for Physical & Occupational Therapy teaching lab and classroom hands-on learning

Technical and audio-visual support to the School’s faculty and staff;

Support for Masters projects POTH 624;

Support for SPOT website (OT and PT programs/curriculum/student information);

Space Committee Chair- coordinate office and laboratory space moves.


- vacant -

Course Secretary

Tel.: 514-398-4517 [at]

Location: Davis 5

Student assessments and exams including OSCE exams. 

First point of contact for Davis House

MAIL SERVICES: outgoing, receptions and distribution within Hosmer and Davis Houses. 

Parking passes/Taxi Vouchers

Building issues

Building access for all staff and faculty

UPRINT setup and liason

McGill Marketplace orders

Archiving and Shredding


Directors' Administrative Support


Person Responsibilities and Contributions

Ms. Paulina Zacchia

Administrative Coordinator

Tel.: 514-398-4501 [at]

Location: Davis 27

Director's Office


Provides administrative support to the School Director

Provides administrative support to Faculty, & select committees (Full faculty, DC, DTC, & Search)

Drafts correspondence and distributes official letters & announcements on behalf of Director and School

Acquires Director’s signature for official letters and research grants

Assists in the coordination of School’s events & faculty meetings

Compiles information for the annual report for the School & its committees

Collates faculty performance activities for merit & the School’s annual report

Maintains Faculty & Staff contact information and email listserves

Ms. Suzana Zavila Pejovic

Administrative Coordinator

Tel.: 514-398-4113 [at]

Location: Davis 46

Professional Programs


Administrative support to both OT and PT Program directors and Associate directors

OT and PT student, graduate and employer surveys

OT and PT Course outlines

Program documents

Awards – Convocation reception ceremony

Guest/Course assistants/Mentors requests, teaching confirmation, letters of agreement

Clinicians requests (OT/PT);

Book requisitions (OT/PT) and contacting publishers ref. desk copies;

OT/PT faculty meetings


OT/PT Accreditation

OT Curricular Mapping Exercises- administrative support







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