Financial Skills for the Real World

This webinar series will cover personal finance topics as diverse as setting up a budget, dealing with debt, types of bank and investment accounts and their respective features, taxation basics, how pensions work in Canada, types of investment vehicles, types of insurance, and how to objectively evaluate the purchase of a home/investment property, among other related topics.

Winter 2021 Program

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Date & Time 

Webinars will run from 4:00-6:00pm *with the exception of Taxes for International Students, which will be from 10:00am-12:45pm


Budgeting & Expense Planning
January 18, 2021 Register
Managing Your Debt
January 20, 2021 Register
Boost Your Credit Score
January 25, 2021
Introduction to Investing
February 1, 2021 Register
Income Taxes

February 3, 2021

All About Pensions

February 8, 2021

Investing & Taxation
February 15, 2021 Register
Prospectus & Fund Facts
February 17, 2021 Register
Portfolio Balancing
February 22, 2021 Register
Advisors & Financial Planning
February 24, 2021 Register
Children & Your Money
March 8, 2021 Register
Taxes for International Students
March 10, 2021 Register
Insurance & Your Estate
March 15, 2021 Register
Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
March 17, 2021 Register
Housing I
March 22, 2021 Register
Housing II
March 24, 2021 Register
Investment Properties
March 29, 2021 Register
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