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Scholarships, bursaries & awards

The McGill School of Information Studies offers a range of scholarships and awards to incoming and current students. Many of these awards are made possible through generous donations from School alumni and community members. Note: Not all scholarships, awards, and bursaries may be offered or awarded every year.

Awards are listed here for reference: for a definitive and current list of awards, please refer to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Fellowships & Awards Calendar.

PhD students: visit the McGill Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) Student and Postdoctoral funding opportunities page for detailed PhD funding information.

Application process

Incoming MISt students: Unless otherwise indicated, applications for SIS scholarships for incoming MISt students are not required: all new students to the program are automatically considered for scholarships based on academic merit and other considerations. These scholarships are non-renewable.

Current MISt students: MISt students entering their second year may make an application for a SIS award (as available) before March 1 of each year; an application form is available on the Forms, Guidelines & Policies page. A number of scholarships and prizes may be awarded during the course of the program for exceptional scholarship. See details below.

Bursaries require application through McGill Scholarships & Student Aid Office (SSAO).

SIS scholarships & awards

  • ALBERT TABAH AWARD IN THE MASTER OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION STUDIES PROGRAM Established in 2004 by a bequest from Albert Tabah, M.L.S. 1980, Ph.D. 1996, and a contribution by the School. Eligibility: Awarded by the School of Information Studies to the graduating student who obtains the highest standing in the M.L.I.S. program Value: Minimum $500.
  • AZELIE DE LENDRECIE CLARK AWARD Established in 2001 by a bequest from Azelie de Lendrecie Clark, M.L.S. 1961. Eligibility: Awarded to an M.L.I.S. student by the School of Information Studies on the basis of academic merit. Value: Minimum $2,850.
  • BARBARA GRAW SMYTHE AWARD IN LIBRARY AND INFORMATION STUDIES Eligibility: Established in 2003 by William Smythe, B.Eng. 1948, in memory of his wife, Barbara Graw Smythe, B.A. 1946, B.L.S. 1947, to recognize an outstanding student entering the M.L.I.S. program in the School of Information Studies. Awarded by the School. Value: Minimum $500.
  • BERNARD ANDERSON OWER AWARD Bequeathed by Roma Elizabeth Jane Ower in honour of her late husband, a graduate of the School of Information Studies. Eligibility: Awarded by the School of Information Studies on the basis of academic achievement. Value: Minimum $1,500.
  • CENTENARY PRIZE Established in 2004 with alumni donations to celebrate 100 years of library education at McGill University. Eligibility: Awarded by the School of Information Studies on the basis of academic achievement. Value: $3,500
  • DR. G.R. LOMER SCHOLARSHIPS Offered annually in honour of the late Dr. G.R. Lomer, former Director of the School. Value: Three scholarships of $1,300 each.
  • DR. HERBERT STANLEY BIRKETT AWARD A gift by Miss Winfred Birkett in honour of her father, Dr. Herbert Stanley Birkett. Eligibility: To be awarded annually to the student who obtains the highest grade in course GLIS 671. Value: $200.
  • EASTERN CANADA CHAPTER SPECIAL LIBRARIES ASSOCIATION PRIZE Eligibility: Awarded to the student in M.L.I.S. II who obtains highest standing in course GLIS 638 or equivalent. Value: Varies.
  • ELIZABETH G. HALL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Founded in honour of a former member of the McGill University Library staff. Value: $1,000.
  • ETHELWYN M. CROSSLEY SCHOLARSHIP FUND Founded in honour of a former student of the School. Value: $1,000.
  • H.W. WILSON FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIP A grant in the amount of $10,000 for distribution as scholarship aid in amounts and manner considered appropriate by the School.
  • JANET AGNEW SCHOLARSHIP From a bequest of the late Janet M. Agnew, a graduate of and former instructor in the School. Value: $1,000.
  • JEAN BROWN SCHOLARSHIP From a bequest of the late Jean Brown, B.L.S. 1957, M.L.S. 1972. Eligibility: Awarded to an M.L.I.S. student on the basis of academic merit and financial need. Value: $900.
  • MARGARET DOWNEY PRIZE Established in 1999 by a bequest from Margaret A. Downey, B.L.S. 1941. Eligibility: Awarded on the basis of academic merit to an M.L.I.S. student by the School of Information Studies. Value: Minimum $500.
  • MARGERY TRENHOLME FELLOWSHIP Established in 2002 through a bequest from Margery W. Trenholme, B.A. 1935, B.L.S. 1946. Eligibility: Awarded by the School of Information Studies to a graduate student who will be enrolled in one of its programs. Value: Minimum $6,500.
  • MARGERY TRENHOLME MEMORIAL AWARD IN LIBRARY STUDIES Established in 2001 through a bequest from Margery Trenholme, B.A. 1935, L.L.S. 1946, a lifetime friend of libraries and advocate of their place in the community. Eligibility: Awarded to an M.L.I.S student on the basis of academic merit by the School of Information Studies. Value: Minimum $1,000.
  • MIRIAM H. TEES SCHOLARSHIP Established in 1989 by friends, family, alumni, and colleagues to honour Miriam H. Tees, B.L.S. 1951, M.L.S. 1975, former professor in the School. Value: $1,000.
  • TERESA TROIDE PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN INFORMATION STUDIES Established in 2007 by Lars Troide, McGill Professor of English, in memory of his wife, Teresa Troide, M.L.I.S. 1990, Information Specialist at Canadian National Railways from 1995-2005. Eligibility: Awarded by the School of Information Studies to an outstanding student in the Information Studies program. Estimated value: $2,500.
  • VIRGINIA MURRAY PRIZE FOR CATALOGUING Eligibility: Awarded to the student in M.L.I.S. I who obtains the highest grade in course GLIS 607. Value: Varies.
  • VIVI MARTIN FELLOWSHIP Established in 1999 through a bequest from Eleanore Roberta Powell in memory of Vivi Martin, B.A. 1945, B.L.S. 1948. Eligibility: Awarded to a graduate student who will be enrolled in a program in the School of Information Studies. Value: Minimum $5,000.
  • WENDY PATRICK AWARD Established by the McGill Medical and Health Libraries Association (MMAHLA) in 1989. Eligibility: To be awarded annually to the student who has the highest grade in course GLIS 671. Value: $150.

MLIS/MISt bursaries

School of Information Studies MLIS/MISt bursaries are based on demonstrated financial need and are disbursed through McGill Scholarships & Student Aid. For more information and to apply, please contact the McGill Scholarships & Student Aid Office.


McGill awards & links

External awards

Students are encouraged to investigate additional external sources of awards and funding. This list represents a selection of potential sources of external funding. Please confirm all details, including current deadlines and eligibility with the awarding bodies. 


  • Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, Beta Phi Mu (candidates only). $3,000. Link
    Deadline: Mar. 15
  • Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship (candidates only). $1,500 and $500 towards travel or other expenses to the grant recipient, contingent upon the recipient's attending the ASIS&T annual meeting, and $250 to ASIS&T Headquarters towards administrative fees. Link
    Deadline: July 1



  • SASKATCHEWAN LIBRARIES EDUCATION BURSARY. $5,000. This bursary is open to all students enrolled in or accepted in an ALA-accredited graduate degree program at the time of the award (usually November of the award year) in library and information science or equivalent. Applicants must be willing to take up residence and employment in Saskatchewan for a period of at least one year following completion of their MLIS program. Visit http://saskla.ca/awards-bursaries/saskatchewan-libraries-education-bursary for more information.
    Deadline: Sept. 30
  • MEDICAL LIBRARY ASSOCIATION (MLA) scholarships. The applicant must be a citizen of or have permanent residence in either the United States or Canada. Visit http://www.mlanet.org/awards/grants/index.html for more information.
    Deadline: Dec. 1
  • MEDICAL LIBRARY ASSOCIATION (MLA) SCHOLARSHIP FOR MINORITY STUDENTS. FOR STUDENT ENTERING A MASTER'S PROGRAM. $5,000. Visit https://www.mlanet.org/awards/grants/minstud.html for more information.
    Deadline: Dec 1


  • E.J. JOSEY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD. The E. J. Josey Scholarships are unrestricted grants of $2,000 awarded annually to African American students enrolled in or accepted by ALA accredited programs who are citizens of the US or Canada. http://www.bcala.org/index.php/awards/ej-josey-scholarship.
    2012 Deadline: early Winter
  • DIANA M. PRIESTLY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. $2,000. Awarded to an individual needing to enhance qualifications for law librarianship. See site for eligibility details. http://www.callacbd.ca/en/content/diana-m-priestly-memorial-scholarship
    2015 deadline: Feb 1
  • ABQLA STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP. $1000 and conference registration. This award recognizes and rewards an outstanding current or new ABQLA (L'Association des bibliothécaires du Québec - Quebec Library Association) student member completing a Master's or DEC-level program who has completed at least one semester of study. http://abqla.qc.ca/student-scholarship
    2015 deadline: Feb 16
  • SOCIETY OF AMERICAN ARCHIVISTS (SAA). Visit the SAA website (http://www2.archivists.org/recognition) for information about the Mosaic Scholarship (for Canadian or US citizens or permanent residents) and Josephine Forman Scholarship (for US citizens or permanent residents).
    Deadline: Feb. 28
  • BANQ MASTER'S AWARDS. One year; two $9,500 awards; possibility of a third award of equal value (additional doctoral or master's award). View details and eligibility criteria at: http://www.banq.qc.ca/a_propos_banq/bourses_recherche/bourses_maitrise/i....
    Deadline: Mar. 1
  • MCGILL MAUT LIBRARIAN’S SECTION AWARD. Established by the McGill Association of University Teachers (MAUT) Librarians' Section. Eligibility: To be granted to a student admitted to the first year program of the School of Information Studies. Applicants must be presently employed full-time library assistants who will have completed two years' continuous full-time employment with the McGill University Library System. Value: $300.
    Deadline: Mar. 1
  • BETA PHI MU International Library & Information Studies Honor Society Scholarships. Four scholarships and the Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship are awarded annually by Beta Phi Mu. Value: Varies. Application: Forms and information are available at http://beta-phi-mu.org/scholarships/.
    Deadline: Mar. 15


  • CALA - Chinese American Librarians Association. The CALA Scholarship of Library and Information Science: awards $1000 to a full-time student at an ALA-accredited library school. The Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship: awards $500 to a full-time student at an ALA-accredited library school. Open to full-time students of Chinese heritage who are currently enrolled in an ALA-accredited master's or doctoral program of library and information science at an institution of higher education in North America. The recipient must be enrolled as a full-time student at the time the scholarship is awarded. View details at http://cala-web.org/node/204.
    2014 deadline: Apr. 30
  • PROQUEST ROGER K. SUMMIT SCHOLARSHIP. Awarded annually by ProQuest. Open to all LIS students worldwide currently enrolled in an accredited library or information science program who demonstrate outstanding interest or performance in electronic information services. Presented at the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Annual Conference. Value: Equivalent of US $5,000.
    Deadline: Apr. 30
  • CANADIAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION (CLA) scholarships. The H. W. Wilson Scholarship and CLA/ACB Dafoe Scholarship are available to students commencing studies in accredited library schools. Value: Varies. Application: Information and application forms are available at http://www.cla.ca/Content/NavigationMenu/CLAatWork/Scholarships/default.htm.
    Deadline: May 1


  • AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION (ALA). See the Awards & Scholarships section of the American Library Association website (www.ala.org) for information on financial assistance for Library and Information Studies education.
  • SPECIAL LIBRARIES ASSOCIATION (SLA) scholarships. Visit the SLA website (www.sla.org) for information about scholarships available through the SLA parent organization, and through SLA divisions and chapters.

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Award recipients from 2012-12 and 2013-14 are listed in the SIS Scholarships & Prizes post on our news blog. Recipients from past years can be found in the SIS Newsletters.

Incoming or current students - have you received an external award? Be sure to update the School via our online news submission form.



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