Lucie Besner Fellowship for the Study of Human Communication Neuroscience

Bourse de recherche pour l'étude des neurosciences de la communication humaine Lucie Besner 

Stefanie Nickels, the 2014 award winner, with Mme Lucie Besner.

This award was established in 2011 through the generous support and vision of Mme Lucie Besner. This award supports research that advances knowledge of the relationship between language, communication, and the human brain, through studies focused on adults with acquired language impairments (e.g., neurovascular or neurodegenerative disorders). 

The Besner Award is given annually to a M.Sc/Ph.D. student registered in McGill's School of Communication Sciences and Disorders who is conducting research on human communication neuroscience, broadly construed. The term of the award is one year (with possibility of renewal). The Besner award is offered on a preferential basis to a promising new student who has been accepted to work in the designated research area.



Stéphanie Deschamps

Colin Jones

Dominique Louër

2019-2020 Marcelo Augusto da Silva Vieira
2018 Shuyi Zhang    
2017 Alexandre Herbay
2016 Deirdre Truesdale
2014 Stefanie Nickels
2013 Rachel Schwartz


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