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Dialogue McGill Speech Language Pathology Student Bursary: 2019-2020 Recipients

Dialogue McGill and McGill School of Communication Sciences and Disorders are proud to bring to your attention the name of the recipients of the 2019-2020 Speech Language Pathology Student Bursary. Congratulations to the five winners: Maude Brisson-McKenna, Daniel Dunn, Lindsay Giberson, Adèle Guérard-Lakrout and Ève-Amélie Roy.

It is generally agreed that the best patient-provider communication is achieved when healthcare providers and patients speak the same language. This observation is beyond dispute when it comes to speech-language pathology. How could this professional develop, rebuild and maintain a person’s capacity to communicate and integrate in his environment without mastering the patient’s language? However, the lack of professionals in speech-language therapy capable of meeting the needs of the English-speaking minority in most regions of Quebec has been emphasized by both community networks working with this community and health and social services institutions.

Against this backdrop, Dialogue McGill, whose mission is to contribute to a better access for English-speaking Quebecers to health and social services in their own language, created the Speech-Language Pathology Student Bursary Program. This bursary is designed for students capable of intervening in both English and French, enrolled full-time in the Master’s (applied) program at the McGill School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. For each bursary awarded, recipients must commit to staying in Quebec following the successful completion of their studies to work for a minimum of one year in a public health and social services institution or related organization. Next call for applications will be announced in autumn 2020.


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