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Course Lecturer

SCSD 617 - Anatomy & Physiology: Speech and Hearing - FALL 2019

SCSD 619 - Phonological Development - FALL 2019

SCSD 609 - Neuromotor Disorders - WINTER 2020

SCSD 631 - Speech Science - WINTER 2020

SCSD 632 - Phonological Disorders: Children - WINTER 2020

SCSD 642 - Aural Rehabilitation - WINTER 2020

SCSD 689 - Management of Cranio-Facial Disorders - WINTER 2020


SCSD 616 - Audiology - FALL 2019

SCSD 637 - Developmental Language Disorders 1 (Lab Component Only) - FALL 2019

SCSD 639 - Voice Disorders - FALL 2019

SCSD 644 - Applied Neurolinguistics (Lab Component Only) - FALL 2019

SCSD 681 - Practicum & Seminar I (Adult Super Lab Component Only) - FALL 2019

SCSD 643 - Developmental Language Disorders 2 (Lab Component Only) - WINTER 2020

SCSD 680 - Deglutition & Dysphagia (Lab Component Only) - WINTER 2020

Site Speech-Language Pathologist/Supervisor Posting

Speech-Language Pathologist - CIUSSS Ouest-de-l'Ile-de-Montréal 

Research Assistant

Research Assistant for Dr. Shari Baum

Research Assistant for Dr. Li-Jessen

Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Richard and Edith Strauss Clinical Fellowship in Communication Sciences & Disorders

Postdoctoral Researcher (Immediate Supervisor: Nicole Li-Jessen)

We are seeking a highly motivated junior-level postdoctoral researcher to join the Voice Research Laboratory at McGill University in Canada. This appointment is expected to begin in September 2018 (start date negotiable). The Voice Research Laboratory at McGill focuses on advancing personalized medicine in laryngology through the development of numerical simulations, wearable devices, non-invasive diagnostics and tissue engineering products. This is a unionized position at McGill University.

The successful applicant will work on highly interdisciplinary research projects in computational biology and translational research. The primary duty of this position is to further develop existing agent-based models for vocal fold biomaterial design and tissue reconstruction. Additional training on wet lab skills, advance microscopy and tissue mechanics are available if the applicant is interested in.

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