The Bonnie Bryans Memorial Award for Research

Bonnie Bryans



Established in 1986 by the School in honour of Dr. Bonnie Bryans, a prolific and talented researcher and teacher at McGill who insisted upon the highest standards in research performed by graduate students. The award consists of a plaque presented each year to a student demonstrating an outstanding effort in a research project.




2019 Katherine Haentjens
2018 Lisa Martignetti
2017 Marla Folden
2016 Céliane Trudel
2015 Fayden S. Bokhari
2012 Mary-Jane Blais
2007 Zinnia Madon
2006 Alyssa Ohberg
2005 Sydelle Garfinkel
2004 Junko Ariyama
2003 Lisa M. L. Hargraves
2001 Martine Barrette
1999 Lori Scott
1997 Miranda Entwhistle
1996 Navid Shahnaz
1995 Michelle A. Bourque
1994 Inger Trembath
1993 Susan Nemeth-Sinclair
1992 Alice Eriks-Brophy
1991 Darla Orchard
1989 Valerie Des Bois
1988 Carol Leonard
1987 Maheen Ahmad
1986 Catherine Mhun
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