Research Leadership Award

2019 Award winner
Rachel I. Mayberry

We honour Rachel Mayberry for her distinguished career as a leader in research and research training in communication sciences and disorders. Dr. Mayberry earned her PhD from McGill in 1979. She continued her research at Northwestern University and University of Chicago. In 1989, she joined the faculty in the McGill School of Communication Sciences & Disorders and served as Director of the School from 1997-2002. Dr. Mayberry is currently a full Professor at the University of California at San Diego in the Department of Linguistics where she currently directs the Multimodal Language Laboratory.

2019 Award Winner [.pdf]


2014 Award winner
Christy Leslie Ludlow

Christy Ludlow, who is being honoured for her distinguished career as a leader in research and for her research training contributions in communication sciences and disorders, is a graduate from McGill receiving her MSc. Applied in Speech Pathology and Audiology in 1967. Dr. Ludlow is internationally renowned for her research on the neural bases of voice, speech and swallowing. She is currently the Director of the PhD program at James Madison University where she is conducting research on new devices for intensive neurorehabilitation following stroke.

2014 Award Winner [.pdf]

2009 Award winner
Martha Crago

Martha Crago, with three degrees from McGill University, has a distinguished career as a researcher and academic administrator and is currently serving as Vice Principal (Research and Innovation) at McGill University. Dr. Crago has devoted herself to excellence in the education of graduate students, has published books on her work on the impact of culture and bilingualism on language use, development and disability, and has received special recognition for work with Aboriginal communities in northern Canada.

2009 Award Winner [.pdf]


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