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Internship Resources

Use these resources to find your internship

Meet with a Career Advisor

If you are a Science student (except Computer Science), you can meet with linda.cicuta [at] (Linda Cicuta), Science Career Advisor, to discuss your career plans and search for internships at the CaPS Office in the Brown Building.

Prepare your CV and cover letter. Practice interview techniques!

Use these following tools to give you fundamental information on the different components of your internship or job search.

How-to guides
Guides have been developed to help you during the job search process. You are encouraged to consult them as you write your CV or cover letter, or prepare for an interview.

CV and advising drop-in hours
If you want basic feedback and suggestions regarding your CV, consult the CV drop-in times.

Check internship opportunities and job postings

In order to access the on-line job listing, you will need to register at myFuture using your standard McGill username and password.

Read about internship opportunities locally and abroad

CaPS has compiled a list of online job listing sites. Employers who post on these sites are actively looking to fill positions and you may find an opportunity that seems just right for you.

Participate in workshops

The Career Planning Service offers several career development workshops to help students find jobs and explore career choices.


Network with professors, on-campus speakers, potential employers, family, and friends to develop prospective contacts.

Interning in France

COVID UPDATE: University-sponsored international travel and travel within Canada remain suspended until further notice. Learn more about university guidelines on Travel and Mobility. No travel is permitted for an internship. IFSO can only provide the Déclaration relative à la participation étudiant à activité étudiante if the internship can be done fully remotely or within commutable distance* for in-person internships for summer 2021. This must be indicated on the form. *Please contact IFSO for more information.

The Déclaration relative à la participation d'un étudiant à une activité étudiante is an agreement between the intern, McGill University, and the host organization. Students must request a Déclaration relative à la participation d'un étudiant à une activité étudiante from the Internships & Field Studies Office with at least two weeks advanced notice in order to review the request. If the request is approved, please allow up to two weeks for the office to prepare the documents. The document will not be prepared after that. In addition the Déclaration relative à la participation d'un étudiant à une activité étudiante is the only form that the Internships & Field Studies Office will sign.

For GRADUATING STUDENTS: In order to complete a Déclaration relative à la participation d’un étudiant à une activité étudiante, the student must be registered at McGill at the time of the request (no exceptions will be made). Once the student has completed their program at the end of a semester, they will no longer have a status at McGill; therefore, the student must indicate the last day of the term in which their studies come to an end in section 4.a.ii of the Déclaration relative à la participation d’un étudiant à une activité étudiante. The dates that determine each term are indicated below.

1. Print a copy of the PDF icon Declaration relative a la participation d'un etudiant a une activite etudiante.pdf

2. Check off the appropriate box 4(a). If you check off 4(a) ii., indicate the projected end of term date (i.e., month and year)

Fall semester –  December 31 

Winter semester – April 30

Summer semester – August 31

3. The Host Organization must complete the Déclaration and sign it before the document can be approved and signed by the Internships and Field Studies Office.

This document is issued by the academic institution in which the student is enrolled at the time of request. If you have graduated, the Internships & Field Studies Office will not issue this document. Please note no extension or modifications of said document will be granted once completed.

The document must not be modified in any way, otherwise it will not be signed.

4. In addition, you must submit the following information with your request:

  • Your full name
  • The host organization’s name
  • The host organization’s address
  • The host organization’s internship supervisor
  • The host organization’s internship supervisor contact information
  • Your complete address while on the internship
  • Name of your program/department
  • The length of the internship (# of weeks or months)
  • Start and end dates of the internship (# of hours/week)
  • Whether the internship is paid or unpaid
  • Whether the internship will be done remotely or in person

5. A Travel Registry form will be created on Minerva, in which the student must log on to complete.


The Internships and Field Studies Office only accepts the Déclaration relative à la participation d'un étudiant à une activité étudiante. No other form will be accepted.

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