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McGill Alert. The downtown campus will remain partially closed through the evening of Monday, July 15. See the Campus Safety site for details.

Alerte de McGill. Le campus du centre-ville restera partiellement fermé jusqu’au lundi 15 juillet, en soirée. Complément d’information : Direction de la protection et de la prévention

Interning Abroad - Déclaration relative à la participation d'un étudiant à une activité étudiante

The Déclaration relative à la participation d’un étudiant à une activité étudiante is an agreement between the intern, McGill University, and the host organization. Please make sure that this document is accepted by your employer before committing to the internship and making any travel arrangements. Our office is only authorized to complete and sign the Déclaration, without any modifications or additions. The Déclaration is the only form that our office will sign; we will not complete, sign or review any other convention de stage document.

Please note that the Déclaration relative à la participation d’un étudiant à une activité étudiante has replaced the Convention de Stage.

Students must request a Déclaration from our Office three weeks before the internship starts in order to have the request reviewed and processed. Our Office will not sign the Déclaration after the internship's start date.

For GRADUATING STUDENTS: To complete a Déclaration relative à la participation d’un étudiant à une activité étudiante, the student must be registered at McGill at the time of the request - no exceptions will be made. Once the student has completed their program at the end of a semester, they will no longer have a status at McGill; therefore, the student must indicate the last day of the term in which their studies come to an end in section 4.a.ii of the Déclaration. The dates that determine each term are indicated below. This document is issued by the academic institution in which the student is enrolled at the time of the request. Our office will not issue this document if you have graduated. Please note no extension or modifications of said document will be granted once completed.

Please read carefully the instructions below to avoid unnecessary delays:

  1. Fill in the PDF icon Déclaration relative à la participation d'un étudiant à une activité étudiante
  2. Make sure that all sections are filled
    1. Check off the appropriate box 4(a) or 4(a) ii. If you check off 4(a) ii., indicate the projected end of term date (i.e., month and year)
      Fall semester –  December 31 
      Winter semester – April 30
      Summer semester – August 31
    2. Double-check that section 11 is filled.
    3. Ask the Host Organization to complete and sign the Déclaration before it is sent to our office for approval. 
  3. Submit the following information as you are emailing your Déclaration (please cut and paste these questions in your email):
    • Your full name:
    • Student ID:
    • The host organization’s name:
    • The host organization’s address:
    • The host organization’s internship supervisor:
    • The host organization’s internship supervisor's contact information:
    • Your complete address while on the internship:
    • Name of your program/department:
    • The length of the internship (# of weeks or months):
    • Start and end dates of the internship:
    • Number of hours worked per week:
    • Whether the internship is paid or unpaid
  4. Send the fully completed Déclaration with the information listed in point 3 by email to [at] (subject: Declaration%20relative%20%C3%A0%20la%20participation%20d'un%20%C3%A9tuidant%20%C3%A0%20une%20activit%C3%A9%20%C3%A9tudiante, body: Please%20review%20and%20sign%20the%20attached%20Declaration%20relative%20%C3%A0%20la%20participation%20d'un%20%C3%A9tudiant%20%C3%A0%20une%20activit%C3%A9%20%C3%A9tudiante.%0A%0AYour%20full%20name%3A%0AStudent%20ID%3A%0AThe%20host%20organization%E2%80%99s%20name%3A%0AThe%20host%20organization%E2%80%99s%20address%3A%0AThe%20host%20organization%E2%80%99s%20internship%20supervisor%3A%0AThe%20host%20organization%E2%80%99s%20internship%20supervisor's%20contact%20information%3A%0AYour%20complete%20address%20while%20on%20the%20internship%3A%0AName%20of%20your%20program%2Fdepartment%3A%0AThe%20length%20of%20the%20internship%20(%23%20of%20weeks%20or%20months)%3A%0AStart%20and%20end%20dates%20of%20the%20internship%3A%0ANumber%20of%20hours%20worked%20per%20week%3A%0AWhether%20the%20internship%20is%20paid%20or%20unpaid%3A%0AWhether%20the%20internship%20will%20be%20done%20remotely%20or%20in-person%3A) .
  5. Complete the Travel Registry. All University-related activity outside of the Greater Montreal Area must be registered in the McGill Student Travel Registry a minimum of three weeks before departure. Students must download the app on their Android or iOS device to register.



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