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***Our office will not be able to sign any tax credit forms for students who have not registered their internship with our office***

Are you an employer who is interested in hiring a McGill intern?

Our office handles the Science Internship Program which caters to Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Arts* (BA) and Bachelor of Arts & Science* (BA&Sc) students (*majoring in Environment, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Geography, Mathematics and Psychology). Eligible students can apply to be registered for the Industrial Practicum (IP-one semester/minimum of 12 weeks) or Internship Year in Science (IYS-8/12/16 months) which is offered exclusively to BSc students.

In accordance with Quebec Privacy Legislation, our office is required by law to protect students' confidential information, and may only provide assistance to parents or third parties in a limited context. We are unable to share information matters pertaining to enrolment status, grades, class schedule, personal information (including address/phone number) or other confidential applicant or student information, unless we have explicit permission from the student to do so. No personal information shall be disclosed by the University to a third party in a manner which permits the identification of the student or former student unless such disclosure is required by law, or unless the protection afforded by this section has been waived expressly or by implication by the student or former student who is entitled to it. You may want to encourage a potential candidate to contact our office directly and request a formal letter of confirmation of eligibility to our program for a specific term. The student could then provide this letter to you. 

Please note that we will not be able to sign any documents for students who have not officially registered their internship with our office. 

Internship Requirements:

  • The internship opportunity must be in the industry, not in a university lab nor with a professor doing research.
  • The internship must be paid (salary, not in kind); no volunteering will be validated.
  • Students must be hired full time and for a minimum of 12 weeks for the Industrial Practicum (IP), or a minimum of 8 months for the Internship Year in Science (IYS) Program. Start and end dates must be provided.
  • The internship opportunity must be related to the student’s current studies (major and/or minor); internship tasks must be clearly indicated on the offer letter.

Program Requirements:

For students to successfully complete the Science Internship Program, the employer must complete the PDF icon Employer Evaluation FormPDF icon Employer Evaluation Formand [at] (email )it to our office directly by the deadline indicated on the IFSO website.

Tax credit for Quebec employers:

As incentive to hiring interns, the Quebec government allows certain Quebec-based companies to claim a percentage of a student's salary and training costs. Your company can verify if it meets the criteria by contacting Revenue Quebec: 1-800-567-4692. Additional information about Tax Credits can also be found here.

Qualified Quebec employers can obtain a Tax Credit form after the successful completion of the registered internship (upon request). In order to receive the Tax Credit Form, please complete the “Attestation de participation à un stage de formation admissible”. You will need to complete sections 1, 2 and 3. Kindly return the form to us and we will complete sections 4 and 5, as well as the table on page 3 (columns 11 and 12).

If you need further information about our program, please send us an [at] (email).

How do I recruit McGill interns?

If you are an employer who would like to:

  • Post a job
  • Promote your organization on campus
  • Participate in career fairs
  • Organize a company presentation

The McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) can help you. CaPS introduced its new online integrated career services system. Create your company profile or post a job/internship by visiting the MyFuture webpage.

The CaPS (McGill Career Planning Service) office
3600 McTavish, Suite 2200
William and Mary Brown Student Service Building
Montreal QC H3A 0G3
T.: 1-514-398-3304
F.: 1-514-398-1831
Email: careers.caps [at] (CaPS)

For resources offered by other departments/faculties, please visit CaPS

Thank you for your interest in hiring McGill students! [at] (Field Studies and Internships Office)
Faculty of Science
630- 2001 McGill College
Montreal Quebec H3A 1G1
**By Appointment only, please send an email to: [at]**

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