Confidentiality & Conflict of Interest

Please remember that when you are accessing the Office of Medical Learner Affairs, the following steps to ensure confidentiality are maintained and conflict of interest is avoided:

  • Files are kept under lock and key and archived after 5 years
  • Personnel have absolutely no access to confidential files.
  • Student information can only be released with consent from you.
  • In cases where you have an academic relationship with a physician who has provided you with medical care you have the right to ensure that the provider recuses him/herself from subsequent evaluations. You are encouraged to request a change in supervisor or teaching site, as necessary, from the appropriate component administrator: FMD Year 1, FMD Year 2, TCP, Clerkship, and Physicianship.  Alternatively, you can still be taught by this physician as long as there is an implicit understanding that they do not partake in your evaluation process.
  • In cases where a student has an academic relationship with a provider, the student has the right to request that McGill Health Services or any other clinic refer you to another physician.


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