Kalle Gehring

Academic title(s): 

Professor, Department of Biochemistry

Kalle Gehring
Contact Information

Francesco Bellini Life Sciences Building
3649 promenade Sir-William-Osler
Office: Room 469; Lab: Room 473
Montreal, Quebec H3G 0B1

Email address: 
kalle.gehring [at] mcgill.ca
Office: 514-398-728
Lab: 514-398-2873/ 1496
Structural biology

1988 - PhD, University of California (Berkeley)

Current research: 

NMR spectroscopy use in the study of protein and nucleic acid structures

Our interests are centered on the application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to the study of protein and nucleic acid structures. Recent structures include peptide mimetics of Nerve Growth Factor, and a peptide binding domain (PDZ domain) involved in signal transduction. Currently, we are studying several new systems including a protein homeodomain that forms a ternary complex with DNA and a peptide co-factor and a nucleotide exchange factor involved in protein translation. Our laboratory combines techniques from chemistry, molecular biology and bio-informatics in the quest for a deeper understanding of molecular recognition in biological systems.

Selected publications: 
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