Master of Arts (M.A.) with specialization in Bioethics


The curriculum is composed of required courses (6 credits) offered in the Biomedical Ethics Unit, bioethics courses (6 credit minimum) offered by the base faculty or department, and any graduate course required or accepted by the base faculty for the granting of a Master’s degree, for a total of 21 credits. A minimum of 45 credits is required including the thesis.

Required courses (12 credits)
BIOE 680 Bioethical Theory
BIOE 681 Bioethics Practicum
RELG 571 Ethics, Medicine and Religion
RELG 645 Methods in Religious Studies

Complementary courses (9 credits)
Nine (9) credits selected from the 500 or 600 level are to be selected in consultation with the supervisor from graduate courses offered or accepted by the Faculty of Religious Studies for the granting of a Master's degree. The minimum pass mark in courses is 65% (B-) for M.A. students.

Thesis component-required (24 credits)
BIOE 690 M.Sc. Thesis Literature Survey
BIOE 691 M.Sc. Thesis Research Proposal
BIOE 692 M.Sc.Thesis Res Progress Rep
BIOE 693 M.Sc. Thesis

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