Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To be a Centre of Excellence for Clinical Training

We provide training in evidence-based psychological assessment and intervention to talented and dedicated Ph.D. students in the Clinical Psychology program at McGill. These training opportunities complement academic coursework and as such, are an indispensable part of the doctoral program. Students are closely supervised by licensed clinicians in the services they provide.

To Provide Psychological Services to the Montreal Community

We offer high-quality, affordable psychological services to the Montreal community, including assessment, individual psychotherapy, and group psychotherapy for adults (18+). Over time, we will expand our services to encompass child and adolescent, couples, and family therapy. We are dedicated to providing evidence-based care to a diverse clientele, including those who are traditionally underserved or have been marginalized because of factors such as ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

To be a Centre of Excellence for Clinical Research

We support pioneering research on critical questions related to the origin and treatment of psychological disorders. All faculty in the clinical psychology doctoral program are actively involved in psychological research focused on understanding and treating clinical problems such as anxiety, depression, weight-related and eating problems, couple/marital problems, stress-related issues, psychological and behavioral disorders in children, and risk factors that predict the development of psychological problems across the lifespan. Understanding, treating, and ultimately preventing psychological problems and supporting psychological well-being depends on careful research.

To Engage in Knowledge Translation and Dissemination

We serve as a hub for clinical training and knowledge dissemination in support of students across all levels of the clinical psychology program as well as clinical faculty, clinical supervisors, and the broader community of clinical professionals and individuals seeking psychological support in Montréal. For example, we host workshops and lectures on topics including assessment, intervention, and clinical supervision, and we are committed to disseminating self-help resources as well as information about mental health and wellness.

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