Clinical Services Offered

Psychotherapy:  Our clinic provides psychotherapy services to children (8+), adolescents, and adults experiencing significant difficulties in emotional, social, occupational, or interpersonal domains. We provide services to both English and French speaking clients.

Psychoeducational assessments: We offer comprehensive psychoeducational assessments to children and adolescents ages 6-18 years, inclusive. A psychoeducational assessment typically takes place over three or four appointments with the assessor. The assessor will choose a variety of scientifically-supported instruments to assess the child’s thinking and reasoning skills, academic skills, as well as social-emotional and behavioural functioning. When the assessment is complete, results are presented during a feedback session and clients receive a written report summarizing the findings. All assessments are conducted in English, and all reports are written in English.

Unfortunately, at this time, our clinic is not equipped to provide:

  • psychoeducational assessments to children and adolescents who study primarily in French
  • psycholegal assessments
  • assessments for autism spectrum disorder
  • vocational/career assessments, and
  • psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, or couples.

For French-language child assessment services, please contact:

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