Disposal of unwanted and/or obsolete goods

General Information

McGill is proud to be a leader in sustainability. To learn more about McGill’s commitment to sustainability, please visit the Sustainability website.

For more informaton, please refer to sustainability tips for Faculty and staff and Recycling Services under the Waste Management Program.

Equipment Disposal Procedures

To dispose of old electronic / laboratory / scrap metal equipment, please submit a pick-up request to the Waste management Program.

Hazardous and other Asset Disposal Procedures

For general information and guideline on hazardous material disposal, please refer to the Hazardous Waste Management website.

Vehicle Disposal Procedures

Should there be any Employee interested in purchase of a used University Vehicle, Procurement Services will address the issue at the time of replacement or disposal.

Any purchase of a used University Vehicle must be at, as a minimum, the fair market price as determined and offered to the University by independent third parties. University Vehicles purchased by the Employees are subject to these conditions:

  • Purchase is "as is" and price is final;
  • Payment must be by certified or cashier's cheque as per instructions by Procurement Services;
  • Cheque to be sent to the Procurement Services with Employee's full name and home address, including the vehicle's last odometer reading;
  • Ownership papers will be made out in the name of the Employee;
  • The vehicle being purchased cannot be released until the replacement vehicle is delivered;
  • When the Employee receives the ownership papers, he/she must secure the appropriate insurance, register the vehicle and place ownership in his/her name. The University insurance and registration cannot be extended under any circumstance.


If the vehicle is not sold to the University Employee, the Fleet Coordinator must notify Procurement Services of the location of the vehicle to be disposed of. Normally, the FMC is notified by the delivering dealer, that a used vehicle has been dropped off. The FMC will make arrangements for pick up and disposal of the vehicle.

Used vehicle condition

Just prior to accepting delivery of a new vehicle, the primary Operator shall ensure that all personal belongings are removed from the old vehicle. When vehicles are turned in, the dealer accepting the old car will prepare a Used Car Condition Report which is forwarded to the FMC. Fleet Coordinator/Operator must verify all conditions stated in the report upon presentation by the dealer and sign only after the report is completed as acknowledgement of the vehicle's actual condition.

Repairs prior to disposal

After a vehicle Replacement decision is confirmed with the FMC, no repairs are to be made to the existing vehicle without the approval of Procurement Services.

Important: The University will make only urgent "safety related" repairs immediately prior to disposition of any vehicle whether disposed of through the FMC or by sale to an Employee.

For more information on the University Fleet of Vehicles Policy, please refer to the Policy on University vehicles and related vehicle expenses.