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For complete details on all undergraduate program options and requirements in the Department of Political Science, please consult Undergraduate Student Documents.

The Department offers FOUR types of undergraduate programs:


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Major Concentration Political Science (36 Credits)


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Honours Political Science (54 Credits)


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Joint Honours Component Political Science (36 Credits)


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Minor Concentration Political Science (18 Credits)

Major and Honours Programs differ in both the level of performance required and in the number of types of courses required.

We divide our course offerings into the following fields:

  • Canadian Politics
  • Comparative Politics (Developed and Developing Areas)
  • International Politics
  • Political Theory


The Department's philosophy in structuring our program is to provide an education for our students which combines both breadth and depth. 

Student Body

There are approximately 1600 undergraduate students in the department. In addition to Canadian students, the department has educated students from all over the world, including the United States, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.


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