Political Science Programs Guide (Major, Minor, Honours and Joint Honours)

2018-2019 Political Science Programs Guide[.pdf]


Political Science Assessment and Re-Read Policy

Political Science Assessment and Re-Read Policy[.pdf]


Undergraduate Brochures

What is Political Science?/Fields in Political Science [.pdf]

What can I do with my studies in political science [.pdf]

Graduate Studies after a BA[.pdf]

2017-2018 Faculty Research Interests pamphlet [.pdf]

Political_Science_Essay_Writing_Guidelines [.pdf]


Internship Form (POLI 599) and Information on Internships

Internship Application and Acceptance Form[.pdf]

Departmental Internship Instrutctions[.pdf]


POLI 490 (Independent Reading/Research) and POLI 499 (Honours Essay) Forms


Undergraduate Program Audit Forms

Before going to see an academic advisor, please complete the appropriate audit form below, and take it with you.

Honours Political Science [.pdf]

Joint Honours Political Science [.pdf]

Major Concentration: Political Science [.pdf]

Minor_Concentration:_Political_Science [.pdf]

Minor_Concentration_Canada_Quebec [.pdf](This minor has been retired)

Minor_Concentration_Comparative_Politics[.pdf] (This minor has been retired)

Minor_Concentration_International_Relations [.pdf] (This minor has been retired)

Minor_Concentration_Political_Economy [.pdf] (This minor has been retired)

Minor_Concentration_Politics_Law_and_Society [.pdf] (This minor has been retired)

Minor Concentration: South Asia [.pdf] (This minor has been retired)

Minor Concentration: Political Theory [.pdf (This minor has been retired)]