Seminar - Dynamic neuronal connections in health and disease: dual role for pannexin 1

Friday, December 3, 2021 11:00to12:00
McIntyre Medical Building Room 1034, 3655 promenade Sir William Osler, Montreal, QC, H3G 1Y6, CA

Neurons communicate with one another through highly-plastic microscopic structures called synapses. The receiving end of these communication structures, called dendritic spines, undergo massive nano-structural and functional alterations in various health and disease contexts. These dendritic spine changes rely on precise cytoskeletal rearrangements, as well as communication with surrounding glial cells. The pannexin 1 ATP-release channel is well-positioned as a dendritic spine regulator via its (1) interactions with spine cytoskeleton regulators, and (2) capacity for purinergic receptor-mediated communication with glial cells. Given pannexin 1 expression levels, function, and trafficking are dramatically altered during postnatal development and inflammation/injury, this complex dual role for pannexin 1 has several neurological disease implications.

This seminar will be offered both in-person and online. Details in attached poster.

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